িদ 90 million from Liverpool in Kalidou Caulibali and why fans must be more prudent than ever

Transfer rumors are not designed as an accurate science.

The everyday discourse of football has evolved into industrial jigsaws – or persuasive, depending on your persuasion; Different pieces are being placed in different slots around the world, for different prices, expanded by different actors.

This is not entertainment limited to any one league or publication. This kind of gossip has become a lingua franca, connecting information-hungry supporters everywhere.

The aforementioned images and sides are added, regularly extending credibility. This is all part of the game in one game.

Machiavellian clubs and agents providing information to create a lucrative market for a player or websites interested in making a profit from the ‘clicks for cash’ nature of banner ads have added an offensive glimpse into the colorful sub-genre of this sport.

It is the nature of an animal from which Athletic Manchester United were linked with 113 players For the January transfer window. They have signed three.

There comes a turning point when it comes to paying to be more prudent.

The devastating effects of the coronavirus on society and the subsequent financing of professional football have accelerated this process.

Kalidau is a striking example of Liverpool’s কাল 90 million from Cauliflower. The funny thing about considering such a huge fit as an anacronism is that the Feverd bulls came back to the market before an epidemic hit.

This story was reported by August Gazeta Delo Sport Sunday and instantly, spread around the world.

Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid have been thrown out for good measure, plus A, proposed, will not have any discussion of arbitrary prices from Napoli president Arelio de Lorentius.

Gazit’s praise of journalism is out of fame. This will be first-hand information obtained from the highest peaks of the figures near the studio San Paolo and / or the Senegal center-back.

This national, expected, has a responsibility to disclose information at once.

Equally, it becomes visible to the reader to consider why this story is kept here.

Even in the midst of an uproar, intelligent Liverpool have somewhat digested a club-high-scoring expectation, namely, goal in this regard. .

His presence for the royal family on transfer fees and wages will block the path of England international Joe Gomez to the first team. It will also prevent the surprise of 2018/19 hero Joel Matip coming back from a long-term injury.

It comes at a time when the Reds, According to Guardian, Timo Warner’s representatives wanted “more time” because they “wait to see what effect the coronavirus will have on the next transfer window”.

This softness is further enhanced when you consider that the exceptional Germany striker, in relative, performs in a position of need. The same does not apply to Kaulibali.

In the law of supply and demand – when at risk of being fooled at a future date, it is either to tear the ‘this is the field’ sign to pieces or force Napoli to shake hands –

Due to the broader market trend or recent sub-par performance, they have now found themselves in the possession of declining assets. When to be in an incredible position Career Dello Sport Manchester United’s 10 103 million offer was canceled in December 2018.

An advanced age makes Cooliebali particularly vulnerable Top European teams predicted by consultant KPMG are unlikely to reach মান 10 billion in player values After coronavirus.

The more challenging the game, the more real or imagined, the higher the price, which can be claimed in the end. Also, bigger deals that consultants can request.

This is firmly, not a new strategy. However, if the clubs want to attract a more affluent outlaw type, they will aim to deploy with more frequencies – the majority of Saudi Arabia-funded Newcastle United will be appropriate to move forward with the frustration – who could earn such a pre-coronavirus sum. .

Why this matter?

On the pitch, the football product has never been better. Athletes with joy and skillful melodies wow the world every week.

Closing it, however, the conversation has become warped. A situation has been widened when there is no live action to report.

Transfer rumors act as guilty pleasures in the process, raising expectations for a better day and increasing entertainment. But much of the discussion comes down to the cost of contaminating it.

The center-back was highly likely to pick Liverpool’s normal conditions from Cowboys to a world record fee pick. These are unique, not common conditions.

Many more provocative links will be forged as clubs become media innovators with their use if they want to extract value from the recalling market. But there are also plenty of valuable things to do, such as starting with a relentless addiction to shifting rumors, in favor of fans re-publishing their relationship in the media.

This is an opportunity to improve the cacophony that surrounds ‘The Beautiful Game’.

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