2 WWW titles that can change hands and 2 that can’t

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Retrieved 10 May 2020, 03:19 IST

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Bra Wyatt has been drunk with Brown Strowman

Despite the difficult situation arising from the coronavirus outbreak, WWE’s Continuing to work hard to provide a good product to keep their fans entertained. The promotion is now ready for their upcoming visit – Money in the bank 2020. This version of the infamous WWE event will have a unique condition.

Six WWE Superstars in the men’s and women’s divisions will fight him inside the WWE headquarters. Their goal will be to reach the top of the building where the rings, ladders and briefcases will be set up for the match for money while they are on the roof.

Because of the rationale, winners are less likely to have cash in their bank contract on the same day.

For the rest of the Money in Bank match cards, the PPV will have only four WWE titles. The titles that will not be retained include the Women’s Championship, the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

In this article, we’ll take a look at two WWW titles that could change hands at Money in 2020 and two that probably won’t. So, let’s get started without further ado.

# 4 Title that could change hands at the bank: SmackDown Tag Team Championship

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This match will be interesting to watch

The whole age shi around SmackDown The Tag Team Championship got puzzled with incredible moments. From unique terms to unexpected debuts when it comes to headlines, the ongoing story has seen a lot of events unfold over the past few months. In Money In Bank PPV, New day Lucha will try to defend their title against the House Party, The Forgotten Sons and Miz and John Morrison’s team.

Kofi Kingston and Big E won the Smithdown Tag Team Championship after Reflemia 3 Big. However, there were only two other tag team members involved in this match. Therefore, they believe that they never had a proper opportunity to defend their gold and they would like to make the best use of their opportunity by returning the championships to the Money Bank.

However, it is noteworthy that this time the Lusha House Party is also facing a serious threat to the reign of the new day championship. And the WWE can choose their new winner as their next winner so that the team can explore its potential on SmackDown in the coming weeks.

The debut team of Forgotten Sons has been identified as the most cruel pair in this whole controversy. A win for them may be a bit optimistic but WWE can still win the championship to give them a statement. This will undoubtedly account for the great match to kick off the main show at Money In Bank this Sunday.

The title image of the SmackDown tag team is really interesting and delivers almost every week. However, the headlines that linger around Kingston and the Big E keep the section stale for a long time. Until WWE finds an obligation dispute from this mix, headlines are often expected to change hands, and this could also happen in the upcoming Money in Bank PPV.