3 WWE father and son twins who are real and 3 fakes

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23 April 2020, 12:28 IST Changed

Randy Orton and his father, Cowboy Bob Orton, face the Undertaker in a handicapped match.“/>
Randy Orton and his father, Cowboy Bob Orton, face the Undertaker in a handicapped match.

Over the years we have mostly seen father and son pairings Of the WWE – Notable among them Randy Orton And his father, Cowboy Bob Orton. In addition to the actual father and son duo, we’ve also seen fathers and sons who relate only to stories such as Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan.

We keep an eye on many real and fake WWE father and son couples who have made our televisions interesting.

Fake # 3 – Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle“/>
Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle

It was published and the story finally came to an end in despair. We all expected Chad Gable to be revealed as the illegitimate son of Kurt Angle, but the WWE took us with Jason Jordan.

Not only did it break the American alphabet, but the story never ended with the fans. One problem was that fans had a very hard time buying this kind of storyline in this day and age.

# 3 Real – Rick Flair and David Flair

Rick Flyer and David Flyer“/>
Rick Flair and David Flair

Rick Flyer is one of the icons of pro wrestling, a timeless performer and a born champion. Charlotte Flyer, Rick’s daughter, is now one of the most influential superstars in the WWE women’s division and is carrying her legacy to the WWE.

However, before Charlotte, Rick’s son David tried his hand at pro wrestling in the WWW. Unfortunately, David Flyer did not take the ring naturally. Instead of following in his father’s footsteps, he actually wanted to be a state trooper when he was younger. He signed with the WCW during the Night Wars on Monday but the truth never ended. He was the heel for most of his runs and set up a few more big storylines in the company at the time.

He was quite successful during his tenure at the company, at least according to the title, winning the US Championship and the WCW Tag-Team Championship.