4 Things That Tell: You Have Great Friends

Characteristics of a good friend? Are your friends any good? Lets find a little about that today, shall we?

Life is difficult if you have no friends and friendship is the most magnificent relationship in this world. A relationship full of life, courage, and bliss.


You can share your feelings without hesitation, you can fight whole day long and express your exasperation while knowing that your friend is not going to leave you anywhere.

You can do the stupidest things with them. Everything you do with your friends is special in itself from kicking their butts off to wiping off their tears. You simply can’t act normal with your friends. That’s the real specialty.

If he/she is your real friend, he/she can’t be your enemy of-course but I am just trying to tell you, that just be careful because actions tell better than words so try to find out if they are your real friends or not.

I mean who knows if they are really sincere with you in bad times. There are times when you can feel their negative vibes but still, you are ignoring them and one day that ignorance blows up your life forever.

So here are the 4 things/points that tell you that you have good or rather great friends instead of jerks.

Characteristics of a good friend:

They Stand Together (not literally):

A real friend can easily see your tears behind your smile. They don’t give you long advises, they simply stand by you and fight with the problems.

They may give you a tough time and mess with you, but it’s like “nobody messes with my friend but me” get it?

They always have your back

Give and take:

True friends can give up anything they have from love to financial support, even their life (being a little dramatic but hey I have seen it in movies so…) and they demand nothing in return.

They help you out in all your bad times, whatever they are, even without you asking for it.

They love you the way you are and you don’t have to change yourself in front of them.

You are always being “YOU” when around them. No matter how fat, nerd or irritating you are. (Of course, they will always gonna call you names and stuff (Fatso, Fat-ass, lard-ass, lardo) but that’s only for fun.

They compromise:

If you are having a disagreement with your friend. He will compromise just for the sake of your happiness. Because your happiness will be his/her foremost preference.

I mean there are some friends who just think that everything is about them and revolves around them I mean, they just decide everything and don’t give or ask much to your opinion.

They nod on the things you say, but that is just nodding like a goat and nothing else and you are like “you goat-a be kidding me, they are stubborn and so they don’t really compromise.

A real friend won’t drive you crazy all the time and would never do such things and will always compromise on some things and you have to compromise on the others.

They will follow the Bro-code (For girls too):

OK, so here I am telling you guys that no matter how much you fight with your friend or whatever you say on their faces. They will respect you from their heart, you know.

They don’t take a minute to break the teeth of someone who talks against you (metaphorically for the maximum of them). They trust you more than anything in this world. They listen to you. Your suggestion and advice have a prime value for them.

They follow the bro-code, I mean a friend would never deceive you for a girl/guy, or hit on your sister or brother (depends on your friend). They won’t fool you for your status or money, they will never try to break up your relationships for their own reasons.
Well, the list goes on and on!


So things you learned about characteristics of a good friend is that a friendship is all about sincerity. A friend can give you his/her life but they cannot even think of harming you in any case. There are people who are wearing this friendship mask. All you need to do is to take off that mask and see if you are with the right person.

Those who are not your friends would always have these negative vibes around them and you will feel them (wow, I sound like a hippie here).

Anyways be careful and I hope you guys always make some good friends.  Now you know the characteristics of a good friend.