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The ladder match is a great strategy that professional wrestlers have seen b match has been the main role of wrestling for decades and has been used many times to end big disputes.

The ladder match for the first time WWE’s Hall of Famers Bret Hart and there was a rivalry between them Shawn Michaels, In an episode of the WWW Wrestling Challenge since July 21, 1992, the company has featured lots of ladder matches in its programming, including large PPVs like WrestleMania. Most of the ladders in the WWE were used to compete for match championship gold, but that all changed when the WWE introduced the Money in the Bank concept.

In this slideshow we will look at 5 WWE ladder matches that have not participated in any championships, or Money in the Bank deals.

# 5 A guitar


Towards the end of 2018, Elias turned his WWE into a babyface for the first time and attacked King Corbin with the help of King Golitar. For the next few weeks, Elias got into a fight with Bobby Lashley, who had turned Hill a while ago, and joined forces with Leo Rush. Matching the match with DQ, Count-Out or Rush left Lashley Elias down on several occasions as the match came to an end.

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The two were last seen on the 2018 TLC PPV, but there was no headline on the line here. Instead, a guitar hung over the ring, and the terms of the match stated that the winner would be a superstar who was able to climb the stairs and recover the guitar. In the end, Elias grabbed the guitar and turned it off to record a win against Lashley. He didn’t get to celebrate long after Lashley attacked him shortly after the match.