5 great footballers who have denied their manager and proved to be right

Lionel Messi denies his boss Luis Enrique in his 2014-1 campaign“/>
Lionel Messi has denied his boss Luis Enrique in the 2014-15 campaign

Some of the best footballers in the world are also known for their big egos, so the clash between players and managers in general is nothing short of surprising.

Most of the time though, “Player Power” fails to win and it’s the directors who run the show. Although on several occasions players clashed with their manager and walked away from it. And sometimes, their disobedience proves them to be right in the first place.

Here are 5 examples of their players who denied their managers – and they were proven right.

# 1 Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Bayern Munich in 2017 - after refusing to replace“/>
Cristiano Ronaldo scores a hat-trick against Bayern Munich in 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo Widely recognized as one of the best footballers of all time, but his opponents must blame him for his arrogance. Usually though, the Portuguese’s relationship with his director continues to run smoothly, assuming they deploy him as he wishes. 201 the-1 the season it was not.

Ronaldo’s Real Madrid tried to retain their Champions League title and face Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals. The first leg was good Los Blancos, Who scored two invaluable goals to win 1-2. During the second leg at the Bernabeu, Real drew 0-1 with less than half an hour to go.

Bayern need one more goal, Real Boss Zinedine Zidane Decided to send some fresh legs, and hinted at replacing Ronaldo. The Portuguese nodded instead and pointed a finger at the Frenchman. Zidane surprisingly agrees with his star and sends Marco Asensio instead Karim Benzema, Not Ronaldo.

Just 10 minutes later, the CR7 only advanced towards an equalizer Sergio RamosYour goal is to spend extra time. From there, Ronaldo grabbed the score with a brace to complete his hat-trick. Incredibly, Real also scored the fourth goal to cement the tie. Scorer? None other than Asensio.

In this case, Ronaldo’s denial of Zidane has undoubtedly paid off – and Los Blancos Truly their crowns have been retained.

# 2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic injured himself for this purpose for Milan in 2010 - but refused to give him an alternative.“/>
Zlatan Ibrahimovic injured himself with a goal for Milan in 2010 – but refused to replace him.

In his career, Swedish legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been known to clash with his manager from time to time. He had the biggest influence with Pep Guardiola while in Barcelona. However, the 2010-10-1 campaign was his biggest protest during his tenure with AC Milan.

The striker pulled off a momentary talent against Fiorentina in the Serie A game at San Siro. A cross went into the box next to him and found his way, and he woke up before kicking a bicycle into the net. That’s when the disaster happened.

Ibrahimovic apparently landed badly on his right arm, and when he punched the wind during the celebration, it was clear he was injured. Milan boss Max Allegri then tried to replace him, but not surprisingly, Zlatan flatly refused.

Allegri gave up his striker, and somehow Ibrahimovic was able to get the rest of the match out. And as if he was definitely right, to prove it, 3 days later Sweden scored Milan’s opening goal in the Champions League win against Axel.

Surprisingly, nothing more was said about Ibrahimovic’s apparent injury!

# 3 Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba clashed with Jose Mourinho countless times - but the Frenchman's last smile was“/>
Paul Pogba has clashed with Jose Mourinho several times – but the last smile is from the Frenchman.

When Manchester United broke the world transfer fee record to sign Paul Pogba for 89 89 million, they knew they were signing a player with a big profile. This feeling returned home when the French boss repeatedly clashed with Jose Mourinho.

The two had an up and down relationship the whole time together at Old Trafford. Things were positive in the early stages of their relationship. However, the fracture started when Pogba moved to Miami after recovering from a hamstring injury instead of staying in Manchester.

In early 2018, it was clear that the two were no longer running. Mourinho quickly stopped Pogba during the defeats of Spurs and Newcastle and dropped him in the game against Huddersfield. The situation did not improve when the Portuguese boss was named captain of the French team.

After the win over Leicester, Pogba said he would give his best “for those who believe in him”. From there, things continue until the descent, Mourinho is reported to be finished, especially after a poor performance the player has been identified as a “virus”.

However, a few weeks later, Mourinho was fired by United’s power-brokers after poor results. Pogbar’s response? A report The coach claimed Michael Carrick He had to take steps to refrain from celebrating at United’s training ground.

On this occasion, at least, there is no arguing that Pogbar’s opposition has brought him to the top of this spot.

# 4 Rivaldo

Brazilian legend Rivaldo denies Louis van Gaal in Barcelona - and reveals Dutch boss at Nou Camp“/>
Brazilian legend Rivaldo denies Louis van Gaal in Barcelona – and defeats Dutch boss at Nou Camp Brazil

Louis van Gaal is known as one of the best directors of his generation. Over the years, however, there have been plenty of high profile players with Dutchman. Like choice Frank Ribery And Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Van Gaal was too much to handle the disciplined ways.

Brazilian star Rivaldo is involved in the most infamous story of a player who denied Van Gaal. The duo joined Barcelona in the 1997-98 season and were the first to have success. Rivaldo finished as Barারa’s top scorer in his debut campaign and again in 1998-99 and saw both seasons. La Blugarana Win LaLiga.

However, between 1999-00 the relationship between the two began to sever. Originally, Van Gaal preferred to use Rivaldo as a left-handed midfielder, while the Brazilian saw himself more as a central attacker. As a result, on occasion, the Dutch boss benched his star, who won the Ballon d’Or in 1999.

Barcelona fans were not impressed by Van Gaal’s decision and it ended the backfiring. Rivaldo has scored just 12 goals in the league – half of the 24 he scored last season and Bar বারa are second.

That was enough to get Van Gaal fired from his job at the Nou Camp – which he later blamed on Rivaldo, but the Brazilian proved right in most cases. Bar 2000a did not win La Liga in 2000-01, Rivaldo was absolutely great.

He scored nearly 36 goals – often from his preferred central position – and qualified for the Champions League on the final day of the season.

# 5 Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has refused to substitute in the 2014 match with Iber - and has therefore been recalled instead of Neymar“/>
Lionel Messi refused to take a place in the 2014 match against Iber – so he has been recalled instead of Neymar.

Lionel Messi is often seen as an opponent of his great rival Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi fans will tell you that Argentina is less humble and less driven by individual pride than the Portuguese. But Messi has even chosen to deny his manager in the past.

Like Ronaldo, the problem began with him trying to replace his boss. In this instance, the decision of Barcelona boss Luis Enrique seemed quite logical. During the 2014-15 campaign, La Blugarana The Nou Camp faced a straight league match against Ibarra.

Barরিকa took a 3-0 lead after 755 minutes and Enrique decided to leave Messi. The idea was obviously to give him a break 3 days later before the team’s Champions League match with Ajax. But Messi had other ideas. He refused to come, promising to stop Enrique that he was happy to continue.

The boss looked disappointed, but then decided to remove Neymar instead. After the game, he commented on the incident and said he believed in what Messi had told him. In the end the Argentine proved right.

Messi scored a goal for Neymar and then scored himself in the middle of the first half to comfortably beat Arjax 3-1 at Barাa. Later in the game, Enrique decided to bring the Argentine back in another attempt to give him a break. And as soon as his case was proven, Messi was recognized and replaced Munir El Haddadi.