5 Opportunities Missed From SmackDown Before WWW Money In Bank

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Retrieved 09 May 2020, 12:00 IST

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Brown Strowman rejects Bray White’s offer to ‘return home’ on SmackDown this week

Go-home show SmackDown In my opinion there was a decent one. Although it wasn’t as tough as the last two iterations of the show, I felt it did a respectable job of building. Money at the bank.

We’ve previewed some of the things that could happen on Sunday during tonight’s SmackDown episode. A huge eight-member team match was attended by all the competitors of the SmartDown Tag Team Championship Encounter that will be held at MITB. On the other hand, Bray White finally faced Universal Champion Brown Strowman.

While I believe that WWE Creative is trying its best to do a power-packed show every week, I still think that tonight’s SmackDown could have done something different to make it even stronger. Let’s see the opportunities without further ado WWE’s Missed this week’s edition of SmackDown.

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Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak were due to face off against King Corbin, Cesaro and Shinsuk Nakamura in a six-member tag team match at the Blue Brand this week. Brian and Gulak will have to choose their partners for this match who could eventually turn out to be Otis but I think this window could be better used.

I realized that the involvement of Otis meant that all the PPVs involved in the Money in Bank ladder match from SmackDown were involved in the hype section. But does it really take anyone’s side? Does the WWE Universe really think about holding a briefcase in an empty yard? The idea seems less admirable just considering that this year’s Money in Bank stair matches have been marked as ‘unique’.

Instead, the WWE could use this opportunity for a big return on SmackDown. He would have made headlines if someone like Elias had been revealed as Brian and Gulak’s mystery partner. He will be able to realize perfectly by pairing up with these two, since King Corbin himself put him on SmackDown a few weeks ago.

This would even open the window for Elias’ possible interference in the Money in Bank as the defaulter would certainly want to punish Corbin for blinding him and consequently keep him out of consideration for the MITB qualifiers.