5 superstars who can succeed Drew McIntyre as WWE Champion

  • Drew McInty is almost ready to defend his title as a full-time contender and we soon see a new champion.
  • With the money in the bank approaching, many RAW superstars can take chances with it.

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Modified April 13, 2020, 23:19 IST

Who will hold Drew McIntyre to become the next WWE Champion?“/>
Who will hold Drew McIntyre to become the next WWE Champion?

When defeated, Dr McIntyre finally fulfilled his destiny Brock Lesnar Winning the WWE Championship at its main event WrestleMania 36. Defending title against McIntyre Great event His big win is immediate, and although he has successfully held it, there is still a long list of challengers waiting to take the title from him.

With the money reaching the bank faster, we will likely see a new title sooner rather than later, with Scottish Psychopath officially a part of the original event picture, and finally, a few months later, the RAW’s top prize will be defended more often.

As they say, a champion is just as great as his next title defense, so without further ado, here are five superstars who can come in place of Drew McIntyre. Of the WWE Keeper.

# 5 Randy Orton

Could Viper be on the Next Line for the WWE Title?“/>
Could Viper be on the front line for the WWU title?

‘The Viper’ Randy Orton has been involved in the World Championships for his entire career, so WWE decided to put this title on him again, it should come as no surprise. As a WWE Champion, McInty needs a credible opponent, and Randy Orton fits that mold perfectly.

Orton and Edge have been arguing ever since Royal Rumble And as the organization’s top star, a fight with Viper Rated-R superstar after his story of needing a fresh feud could be the best option for him and would be rewarding if he took the title from Drew.

This will tighten Orton as the biggest heel and McIntyre as the RAW top babyface. The two stars could face each other SummerSlam The Apex Predators ended this dispute with being the 14-time World Champion.

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