5 superstars who could replace Becky Lynch as the face of WWE RAW

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Retrieved May 12, 2020, 11:17 IST

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Becky Lynch and Asuka couldn’t hold their emotions this week

The world has been plagued by some bad news day after day in recent months, but WWE is working tirelessly to entertain its fans through it and to slow down the best content possible behind closed doors.

Since WrestleMania 36, ​​RAW is the women’s champion Becky Lynch Missing from the action, several fans called him on social media and even called him a part-time champion.

However, Lynch appeared at W’s this week with a Money in Bank briefcase in hand and made a huge announcement to bring some good news for fans. Not only has she informed Asuka that she is now the new RAW Women Champion, but she has revealed that she will take some time due to being pregnant.

This section was more than just storytelling, as the industry’s top superstar made a huge announcement today and had to step back for all the right reasons at the height of his career.

Glass superstars will now have the opportunity to replace him as the most valuable star in the industry, as The Man spends some time away from personal responsibilities.

With Lynch in an unchanging position, we’ll take a look at 5 RAW superstars who have the skills needed to be the next face of the Red brand.

# 5 Alistair Black

Alistair Black Raw is still relatively new to the brand, but we’ve seen Dutch superstars achieve much more than other superstars usually manage in their early days.

Although Blah has not won a single championship at RAW, the former NXT champion is likely to be taken straight to the top by the agency without having to worry about any secondary championship controversy.

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Black is an outstanding athlete and has managed the fans behind him in a way that no other superstar has been able to do. Although his mic skills may not be very smooth, the company can still call his real-life wife. Jelena Vega Taking him under his wings and taking him to the top of the whole brand.

Black and Vega could take RAW by storm together and their reunion could help the two superstars become the face of the Red brand without a championship in their name.

The Dutch Destroyer’s superior fighting skills and his imitation will probably put him at the top of the roster. The company must not waste the opportunity to build him as one of RAW’s biggest players and let him build much more without going into the WWE Championship fight at the moment.