5 topics NXT received this week (May 6, 2020)

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Big stars like NXT Finn Baller, Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole saw the brightest“/>
Big stars like NXT Finn Baller, Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole have seen brilliant

An action-packed episode of it Nxt Wanted to set up some great competition for the brand for the next few weeks. With the possibility of people returning to the arena soon, the brand was ready to make some big matches and bring in some very big superstars so that things would be very interesting.

Carian Cross And Scarlett Bordeaux The first time she landed on the ramp on television was when the surprise return after the NXT Women’s Championship match between Charlotte Flyer and Iowa Shirai shook the women’s division.

Johnny Gargano and Cameron Grimes were able to make big speeches at night, but Finn Balor probably started a new rivalry with his hand.

The main event saw Velvet Dream chase after the NXT Championship again, but not everything turned out very well for the superstar.

In this article, we got the NXT exactly five things to look at in this week’s show

# 5 Debut of Carian Cross and Scarlett Bird

The first we saw was after the one final beat match between Carian Cross and Scarlett Brodax. Tomaso Siampa And Johnny Gargano where Gargano won with the help of Candice Larry.

Cross later appeared on NXT and wiped out Simpa during a promo where he was ready to admit that Gargano was better than him. Since then, we haven’t seen Simpa appear in the Black and Gold brands.

In the case of Cross and Bordeaux, both were ready to appear in the NXT ring for the first time. Brande Bros. was ready for his first match when Bordeaux presented him in the ring after an impressive entry.

Leon Ruff was the unfortunate first contestant of the cross who took a few sito suplexes from the new superstar before tapping into the cross jacket. The quick victory allowed the cross to make an immediate impact on the NXT and draw some attention.

It will be interesting to see what Simpa does after returning to NXT and whether she will dare to cross the path of Cress or stay away from the new superstar.