5 Wonders That Can Happen- New Heels Are Raised With Stable One, Interesting Title Changes

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Revised 17 May 2020, 10:40 IST

What a great match between Draw McIntyre and King Corbin will be a great match“/>
What should be a great match would be a fight between Drew McIntyre and King Corbin

The word ‘raw’ refers to something that is not chained, something that is out of the hook, something that seems to contain an element of risk The current situation and the lack of direct viewers have resulted in the show not having a ‘raw’ element for some time.

But all of that could change this week WWE’s RU is back for another version. WWE can surely pack the show in amazement to make sure that the disconnected audience returns to the product again.

In this article, I will give you 5 surprises that we will probably witness in this week’s episode ‘R’ And I invite you to consider all of them in the comments section below.

# 5 MVP’s Heel Stable finally appeared on RAW

Listen, in recent weeks it has become increasingly clear that MVP and Bobby Lashley have teamed up and the whole deal with Lana is coming to an end. The WWE wants to rediscover Lashley and make him into something he should have been from the beginning এক a monster reluctant to give Brooke Lesnar a chance. In fact, if you read his interviews, you know he wanted something of the same nature.

So, perhaps at RAW this week, MVP could have grown with its full stability. That includes Shane Thorne and Brendon Wink, who have so far taken the tag team category by storm. And some have even speculated that if the Apollo crew returns to the RAW, it should return to its heels and join the MVP team as a serious and focused person looking to achieve its potential.

And maybe we can have a gang fight with the Jelena Vega group then.