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Tag-team wrestling is an industry. To reach the peak, superstars always have to be in sync with their partners, and this often means that tag-team partners are very close in real life.

However, there have been instances in the history of wrestling where, despite success within the square circle, tag-team superstars have never been able to meet each other in real life. We see a couple of such tags today.

# 6 British Bulldogs – Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

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The British Bulldogs

We start our list with the British Bulldogs, the most beloved tag-team of all time. They have had success wherever they fought around the world, including the WWE, where they are former Tag-Team Champions.

However, despite their success inside the ring, they eventually dislike each other with revenge and, as a result, split into the Hart family.

Tyson addressed this in Kid Talk Is Jericho and talked about what caused it. Kidd reports that after the duo returned from WWE to Stampede Wrestling, Vince McMahon Wanted to meet them and bring them back. Davey Boy was open to returning, seeing that it would be good for his family, but the Dynamite Kid did not feel the same way.

As a result, Davey Boy returns Of the WWE Which added even more excitement to himself. When Smith’s wife, Diana, was trademarked as a tag-team, it seems that this is the last straw and her relationship with Davey Boy in the Dynamite Kid 21ave did not.

In 2015 Diana Hart-Smith gave more details about the crackdown between her late husband and the Dynamite Kid:

It was linked to Davey’s return to the WWF and Dynamite didn’t want to go back. Davey said ‘I’m about to lose my house’ and Tom wasn’t. I had something to trademark the British Bulldogs name and Dynamite didn’t want anything to do with it. I told Tom that we were doing it, and it would cost a lot more money. It seemed like a lot to look at at the time, but in the dark it was good enough for it. We would own the name and he didn’t want any part of it. As Dynamite said, I was rocking the dog was If he thought it, he would just have to do it, but since it was Davey’s wife who tried to apply it, it was not good.