7 Hacks That Help You Improve In Studying Better

These hacks are finally here so I don’t want you guys to  go on like “If only I had known all these hacks when I was in high school.” So how to study well for exams without forgetting anything? It’s just the worst thing ever when you know you learned it by heart but you forget in exams. So no matter how hard you try, you are not able to ace your exams right?

It is the story of all the kids ever.

Troubles, while you study, are too common these days. It’s like every other child has this issue, studying.

I feel sorry for the new generation, they have a lot more competition than we had, back in our times. Schools are now growing children to be competitors rather than just plain students. Everyone has an aim. Even the laziest child in the class will have a list of goals to achieve (even if he doesn’t work for them).

Studying these days is harder (agreed)? But why is it difficult for students nowadays to focus? Well, say thanks to technology for that. Kids are much more interested in their iPods and MacBook that they don’t feel much attraction toward their books.

How to study well for exams without forgetting anything?

Well, it can be done with the given hacks below and trust me you are getting these hacks from the guy who never studied and still somehow aced.

Spray an Unfamiliar Scent in the Room while you Study:

This hack has been the talk of the town since a long time now. Once you are done studying, you need to spray that same scent again so that it jogs up your memory.

Does it work? You really don’t know until you try it for yourself.

Unfamiliar Gum:

Not just an unfamiliar spray is going to help you.

But chewing a weird bubblegum, with a weird taste is also a great hack for retaining information better.

Index Card:

My mums really use to consider it wastage of time. She always told me that I was just playing around with this and losing 10 precious minutes of my study time. But never will they know that this is a great hack! Before you test yourself, make an index card.

You need to jot down all the required information, related to your self-test. It is not just a great writing workout but it also helps you review when you finally end your studying session.

You can go through this card and see whether you are done with everything or you have skipped anything.

Musical Vibes:

My parents thought I was the dumbest of all when I use to play a fast music in the background during studying.

Well, they never will understand that the same lecture can be struck you with boredom so much that you might just leave that topic and move forward. And the next thing you don’t want to know; you get that same topic in your exam the next day.

Therefore, when you are done repeating the same thing over and over again; play a little music in the background.

This changes the boring sound of the lecture and you feel refreshed as well. The plus point for me was that Pantera kept me motivated all those times.


Parents in our times never thought of this. I saw my uncle doing it with my cousin and I was just so jealous.

She was given an incentive of an iPhone 5s and she actually aced her exams.

Why didn’t my parents ever think of that?

The main idea here is that you need to keep an incentive for yourself or ask your parents to give you one. It can be your favorite dish at the end of the day or maybe your favorite bedroom set, gadgets or simply anything that you love at the end of your exams.

Incentives make you work harder.

Jot Down the Formulae:

I did it the wrong way, ALWAYS! I used to cramp down the formulas as they came by; which was wrong obviously.

Before you start prepping for the entire exam, make sure you have the formulas at your fingertips.

Go through them, clear their logic and statements. Write them down when you have finally understood them and then you are good to go.

Neat Notes:

We always make notes the dirty way.

Our writing gets worse as we get into the midst of making notes and this is where we go totally wrong. Make your notes as if you are making them for someone or you need to submit them to your professor the next day.

The neater your notes are; the more you will be able to hold on to focus more.


Studying has never been easy. Ask anyone and they will say that studying is the toughest part of life except for nerds.

However, it is actually really easy. Try jobs out and you will understand what a wonderful ride studying was.

You can always get some ideas through which you can improve your studying style and retain information better. Try these hacks out and see how they work amazingly for you!