9 Real-Life Wrestling Couples Appearing in the same Brands in the WWE

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Modified April 22, 2020, 18:04 IST

WWE is working hard to put real-life couples together in one brand“/>
WWE has been working hard to put real-world couples into one brand

WWE is home to most superstars who have been able to find their relatives inside the ring. This is not new as we have seen people find love in their workplaces several times and it seems great for us to find time for superstars outside the ring and enjoy the companionship without having to engage with it.

Several wrestlers found their partners while competing for WWE, others found them outside and continued their relationship while performing for the organization.

In recent years, the company has realized that couples working for companies while on the road may end up in different cities due to their presence in different brands, making it difficult for them to spend time together.

So, we found out that WWE was bringing together several wrestling couples in one brand, allowing them to spend more time backstage and be on the road while entertaining fans.

It can create happier relationships and fewer problems as couples get closer to each other.

In this article, we will look at nine couples that the company has built across the same brand so they can spend more time together!

# 9 Marina Shafir and Roderick Strong (NXT)

The four horses in the MMA are known as women, Marina Shafir In May 2018, Jasmine joined WWE in the WWE. These two women made their first major appearance during NXT WWE Evolution In 2018, when they intervened during the NXT Women’s Championship match, they helped Shayna Baszler Kerry wins the title.

Shafir has worked with Duke since then and assisted Basler during his time at NXT, but still has not had a lot of top matches.

Roderick StrongOn the other hand, it is one of the pillars of NXT and a member of the WWE Summit, the undisputed era, A Strong is a former NXT Tag Team Champion and NXT North American Champion, and one of the strongest and toughest employees of the brand as a whole.

Long before joining the WWE, Shaffer and Strong debuted on December 25. In April 2017, Shafiir gave birth to their first child and on November 7, 2018 the two were married.

WWE did not use the couple as much on the screen, though Shaffer was named several times during Strong’s recent fight with the Valentine’s Dream to target Mike Strong’s family.

The superstars both have a bright future ahead of them, and Strong’s likely to be one of WWE’s faces in the coming years.