A Santos star was born

  • Ten years have passed since showing Neymar Guarani, with five goals for Santos, he had something special about him.


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Neymar is playing for Santos

Caller up. A series of small steps. A beard – a little stop. The goalkeeper descends to his right. In the opposite corner Neymar passed the penalty.

Just two minutes passed and Santos was smashing well and were outscored 8-1 to Guarani in the first leg of the last-16 tie of the Copa do Brasil.

Neymar and his teammates rushed to the corner and donated caps and celebrated with tribute to Santos fans and musician Mano Brown.

Darival Junior’s team will continue to score seven more and Neymar will finish with five personal best.

Right now, it is undeniable that a world-defeating talent has emerged at Santos.

Party time

April 14, 2010 provided many reasons for the celebration to Santos.

It was the club’s 98th birthday and legendary personalities Pepe, Edu and Clodaldo attended Villa Belmiro to enjoy the event.

Left-back Leo wore number 98 on his shirt, with on-loan Manchester City attacker Robinho sporting 200 to reflect the amount of time he put in Santos jersey for competitive determination.

Despite this national mark, there was only one topic of conversation in the final whistle: Neymar.

The birth of a goalkeeper

Left-wing Warri youths turned 18 years old only two months ago, but Neymar entered the world at 25

After scoring five goals in his first season with the senior team, Guarani reached the shores of the state of S ।o Paulo and had already exceeded the total. He finished the year with 42 in all competitions.

The trio of broken, promising academy products, along with talented playmaker Ganso and hunter Andrea, were dubbed the third generation of Meninos da Vila – a moniker that was given to the jury, Pita and Jo পাo Paulo in 2১৯, Robinho, Diego and Il ই in 2012.

Although Neymar’s mid penalty dummy was soon banned, he had a great effect on starting the scoring after Claire Guiano only managed to stop the trademark intensity by dynamic midfielder Auroka with a frustrated lange inside the box.

The racing is clean

Neymar might have finished the game with five goals, but he could have easily found more.

His end product was not as finely tuned as it would become. He was thrown to the dead end and left the crosses in the wrong place on the left as Daribal became increasingly frustrated with his team’s inability to extend their lead despite possession.

Although their relationship will eventually end as they get off the field, resulting in Neymar being eliminated and the driver getting sacked in response, the player conceded to his coach on this occasion. Throble, trying to get a defender back out, came back and in the 25th minute Neymar fired it and dropped it in the bottom-right corner.

Spreading Ganso’s impossibly provocative pass and aiming for Robinho, Neymar helped lead Santos two minutes later. His hat-trick was completed when another great Ganso pass squared him into the back post of Aurora.

The result was already beyond doubt but Neymar eased Santos’ task when he pulled the ball back and forth to his Robinho, claiming nothing but a player for the second yellow card after a half-time stroke of Kluber’s challenge.

No let up

He may have failed to guide the header home from Wesley’s cross within two minutes of the restart, but Neymar defeated Fabinho Jr. and Marcel fouled to win the penalty that fell 56 minutes later.

At the end of a huge move past Juliano Post, a shining effort from Neymar followed, only for Santos to drive the resulting corner of the Marquinhos in the middle. His chip in the box was looped outside the Guarani goalkeeper, trapped by Robinho’s head eight hours ago.

There was a moment for the Guarani players though – in the thirteenth minute, a superb 25-yard free-kick was thrown for the Guarani players.

Five stars

However, there is no need for Neymar’s upsizing.

He efficiently controlled Robinho’s lower cross from the left side and quickly pulled fine, leaving Juliano on the second touch.

Neymar then made a strong offensive attack to cap an incredible individual and combined display. Madsen sent the ball inside for Robinho on the left side, whose first touch fell straight to Neymar for a short workout inside the near post.

After the match, a frustrated Juliano said: “I’ve never acknowledged eight before, but I have to congratulate Santos.”

The future fruit

The mystery was good and true.

In the book ‘My Story – My Father’, Neymar’s father said: “It was one of the best matches of Juninho. He scored five times! Played for Play Santos, it seemed like the old days. Except now it was Neymar Jr. and his friends Santos.

His form showed no sign of disappointment, and 1,000 people signed a petition for Neymar to be selected in Brazil’s 25 World Cup squads, though Perel, Romero and Ronaldo were among the heavyweight of football to stay behind the idea. Surprisingly, the Celica boss Dunga didn’t even notice.

“Lobbying for some players in the national game never makes me disappointed or disappointed,” Dunga told Neymar, Ganso, Ronaldinho and Adriano after the outing.

Chelsea did not doubt Neymar was ready to go to Europe, but on August 25, a player interested in the legendary title of Santos rejected their rejection.

He undoubtedly achieved it. And Pericles won the Copa da Brasil and Campeonito Paulista that year, with Neymar taking two more state championships before traveling to Barcelona. There were also successes in 25 Copa Libertadores and 202 Recopa Sudamericana.

It was a memorable, decorated spell for Neymar and Santos, and his five-goal battle against Guarani was one of the first moments that made it seem truly possible.

Published on April 14, 2020, 12:30 IST

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