According to Ravi Shastri, the 1985 Indian cricket team will give runs to any Indian team for money


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Ravi Shastri was part of one of the best Indian cricket teams of all time“/>
Ravi Shastri was one of the best Indian cricket team of all time

Ravi Shastri, the coach of the Indian cricket team, called the team that won the 1985 Cricket Benson and Hedges World Championships one of the best. In fact, the present Indian cricket team The coach even referred to a type of cricketer who, for generations, has been able to give an Indian team a run for their money.

Talking to Rajdeep Sardasai, how Ravi Shastri covered most of the team’s bases and how they handled the pressure in 1985, especially when the Indian cricket team considered the tournament as a world champion.

“It simply came to our notice then. We [the Indian cricket team] He also won the 1983 World Cup. People thought it was an off-off but in 1985, people expected us to win. There was pressure on the Indian cricket team and the boys came up to the challenge, ”he said.

The Indian cricket team took part in the event in 1985

He also spoke about the strength of the Indian cricket team to overcome all odds, despite other teams trying to bring down the 1983 world champions.

“Life begins when you are known as quantity. People are looking for you and you are suddenly a target. After 1983, the Indian cricket team played some of its coolest white ball cricket. It was a time you don’t get often. We had a unit. It can play in all conditions and I would say that the Indian cricket team in 1975 was stronger than the team that won the World Cup in 1983, “said Robbie Shah. Tri added.

To put things further, the current head coach of the Indian cricket team has made it clear that any team that wins the 1985 Cricket World Cup will be in trouble.

India won the Benson and Hedges World Cricket Championship in 1975“/>
India won the Cricket Benson and Hedges World Championships in 1975

“The 1985 team will give any team a run for their money, including the current money Virat KohliThe left side was ours Sunil Gavaskar, Jimmy Amarnath, Dilip Vengsarkar, Chris Srikanth and Kapil Dev. More importantly, we had flexibility. Mohammad Azharuddin Batting for 3 runs and Gavaskar batting below the order, Ting dropped the order with Jimmy and Kapil, the other teams could not keep an eye on the ball even though we were 20-3. Also, we had a very good combination of experiences and experiences in our youth.

During the Benson and Hedges World Championships in 1985, many cricketers were no different. Ravi ShastriWho finished winning the Player of the Series award.

Robi Shastri (R) was awarded from an Audi car for her performance in the tournament“/>
Ravi Shastri was given an Audi car for his performance in the tournament

In fact, the victory of the Indian cricket team dreamed of a country that was able to consider billions of Indians as a cricketing superpower and hold its own even in the most adverse circumstances.

So, it is not surprising that current Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri thinks that aspect can never be replicated.