Adam Bintieri is expected to return for the 25th NFL season


Retrieved 30 April 2020, 06:16 IST

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Adam Bintieri is playing for the Indianapolis Colts

Adam Bintieri is a four-time Super Bowl champion who has made the most memorable kick in NFL history and he wants a chance to do more.

The league’s career scoring leader – Bintieri – told local television station FoxX59 on Wednesday that he was still optimistic he would return at the age of 47 in his 25th NFL season.

“Before all this, my idea was to come back and get well and if I could kick, shoot well, I thought I could get a job,” Bintieri said.

“I knew with six months, June [timetable], It’s going to be tight anyway. If anything, it will prolong my recovery.

Binatieri is coming up with the worst season of his career, as he missed a league-high 14 kicks in 12 games before his season with the Indianapolis Colts – six extra points and eight field goals – cut to his left knee injury, missed surgery and was expected in June.

Binati’s career has 2 points, 73 points, he finished second in all of 365 games and will become the second player in NFL history to play next season.

George Blanda and Morton Anderson are the only players to play after 47 runs.

The Colts already have Chase McLaughlin, who replaced Binatieri last season, and on Wednesday added Rodrigo Blackship as an infrastructural free agent.