After defeating Mandy Rose on SmackDown, Sonia Devil made a bold claim


Retrieved 09 May 2020, 06:21 IST

Sonya Devil has finally arrived“/>
Finally Sonia Devil has arrived

A contest that has been raging for over a week has finally gotten us on Tonight’s SmackDown Sanya Devil And Mandy Rose Face each other in a match of anger. Both superstars were ready to tear each other apart and go to any length to win

Sonya Devil Mandy Rose and The Golden Goddess’s eyelids were moments to be thrown over the announcers’ table which showed the animosity between these two ex-friends.

But Sonia DeVille was the one to follow her roll-up pin by defeating her former partner.

Pridefighter took to social media and reacted to his victory against Mandy Rose by making bold claims. Sonia Devil said that she has always been good between two superstars and it will always be the same. He has now finished this tweet as a star. You can see the same below.

Sonia Devil and Mandy Rose quarrel

After tonight’s controversial results, it’s safe to say that this won’t be the final chapter of the heated contest. Sonia Devil and Mandy Rose gave a perfect start to tonight’s SmackDown and one of the reasons the match was shortened is that it could be reserved for a bigger episode.

However, the WWE Universe is definitely buzzing for both of these superstars.