Ag Gols acquires WR Goodwin from Philadelphia, 49 years in rare trade with Dallas


Retrieved 26 April 2020, 04:44 IST

Philadelphia hires Marquis Goodwin

The Philadelphia Gols have increased their receiver stocks by acquiring veteran Marquis Goodwin from the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco has confirmed that there was a wide receiver Goodwin in the trading block before the NFL draft, and Philadelphia requirements were recorded on the receiver.

So, agglomerates and last season’s Super Bowl runners-up 49 have made a deal on Saturday.

The Gulls – who picked wide receiver Jalen Rigger in the first round of the draft – sent the 199th pick to 49 in exchange for a quick goodwin and 120th pick.

Goodwin had 12 receptions for 186 yards in nine games last season before landing on an injured reserve and missing a San Francisco run in the NFL Super Bowl.

The third-round pick of the Buffalo Bills, at 25, Goodwin signed with five people as a free agent on March 29 after spending his first four years at Buffalo.

The 2-year-old completed the 2017 season with the best of Goodwin’s seven-year career, ending the 56-year-old’s 56 receptions and 9,962 yards of personal engagement.

Meanwhile, F-Gulls and NFC East rivals Dallas Cowboys were involved in a rare trade on the third and final day of the NFL draft.

For the first time since 2010, the Cowboys traded a draft-day trade between Philadelphia and Dallas after this year’s 144th pick for the 2021 fifth-round pick and the Eagles’ 146th spot.

This allowed the Cowboys – who were short-lived to the Eagles for a place in the playoffs last season – to draft for Wisconsin center Tyler Biadas.