AGUEROOOOOO !!! Anatomy of the most dramatic moment in the Premier League

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Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero

Manchester City hero Sergio Aguero showed the sharpness of the Queens Park Rangers goal that could not go without a place at Old Trafford.

The old Trafford Cricket Ground, which is just down the street from the city stair rivals and their home of the same name.

When David Silver retreated from the right-hand corner, leaving a net equal to that of Edin Dessko, Aguero was defeated and inevitably returned to center circle for City’s final risk.

Of course nothing happened in the striker’s movement, Joe Joe Burton tried to kill him with his courage – it was one of the many surreal and original events that turned into a crazy and famous race against the clock on May 13, 2012.


The whole story is now captured like any other in football history.

Robert Mancini’s Manchester City faced a far-reaching QPR on the final day of the season in the wake of the first top-flight title in 44 years. In their previous 18 Premier League home games the previous season, they won 17 and drew another – the last of which was a 1-0 win over United that turned a Titanic Mankunian fight back into the blue side of the city.

City needed to match Europe’s result in Sunderland and Pablo Zabaletar took a 1-0 lead just before Gigi Macki’s Gigi Macki’s second-half goal gave the competition the lead.

It remained in the 2-1 title at stoppage time despite operating with the QPR 10 men. City Youth Product Barton was fired for a fight with Carlos Tevez, and Mike Dean’s red card responded with a lip to Aguero’s thigh before Vincent noticed the company’s headbat. Fireworks enthusiast Mario Balotelli poured some petrol into this particular fire when confronted by a combustible scavenger as he went to cut stones at the tunnel.

Excluding that significant flaw, QPR’s discipline was otherwise impeccable. They have committed just seven fouls in the second half, despite taking 61.3 per cent overall and 74.1 per cent. There were very few stops as the City collapsed and exploded in the growing frustration and diminishing artistry around the field of opposition.

Without Burton’s meltdown, there would be very little chance of a five-minute stop – or three minutes and 20 seconds at the end – to signal. It was a time City desperately needed and time they could put to good use with their top scorer’s quick-twitch fiber bristles.


Burton City Connection was not the only QPR man. His teammates Shawn Wright-Phillips and Nedum Onuha graduated through Jim Castle’s Platt Lane Youth System, while on the other hand, before Christmas 2009, Rangers boss Mark Hughes was an immediate predecessor to Mansini.

Hughes, however, differed across the two spells for United, and the Bolton Wanderers were reported to have failed to beat Stoke City, and those loyalties were shaken, meaning Londoners were safe regardless of the outcome at Etihad Stadium.

“[City] “Level terms are back and I always think, at the moment, I knew we were safe because other results came,” he told Coach Voice earlier this year.

“I think, ‘If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t mind United winning. It’s 2-2 and Jay Bothroid asked what they wanted.’ [from the restart]. The players understood [Bolton] The game was over and we stayed. We just say kick it as far as possible, right in the corner and the game is over. “

At this point they were absolutely lacking with an attitude of recovering Hughes from the city of cash. Rarely can a team score twice in the space of two minutes at this point and – save for a few moments – play so rhetorically.

Bothroid’s thrust got a touch and insulted Joe Hart fled from his goal to throw-in. The England goalkeeper almost missed the pitch.

Gayle Clichy simply took the ball hesitantly for his attempted cross to turn it into a block tackle with Mackie. Samir Nasri’s goalless, final effort that did little more than give Clint Hill a ninth successful clearance in the afternoon.

Nasri then put the ball in for a QPR throw-in. There was anger and pain in the stands just 40 seconds before that explosion of the excel sequence. Aguero saw these from a fairly QPR penalty spot. Obviously he’ll see enough.


Now 31 and City’s all-time top scorer, Aguero has paid tribute to his prowess in playing against the big boys in the Buenos Aires neighborhood. potrero – The hard gravel and raw neighboring pitches that football purists are marching in Argentina are declining.

“When you play, you have to think fast about who will accept, who doesn’t,” Aguero said in a 2018 documentary on the city-in-house television channel, recalling those days. “You know who will play dirty, who won’t.”

“You understand what you can and can’t do on the pitch.”

Reflecting further on Paul Balas and Lou Martin’s 2019 book ‘Peps City’, he explained the field of further proving that prepared him for Burton and others.

“Kicking black and blue was part of this game,” he said. “You held the ball the way you could.

“We had a completely different idea of ​​running with the ball. I was against the big, tough guys and I was always the youngest. But I learned how to live.”

Aguero recalled that the matches he played for a peso award, which would earn him one of his favorite sweet treats, alfajor Or dulce de leche.

United players such as took full-time and three points at the Stadium of Light, and Nigel de Jong led the ball toward the soundtrack of the QPR celebrations in Manchester – their fans were aware of Bolton’s fate – were somewhat higher.

In the meantime the alternatives were vacated by Dejeco and Balotelli in the penalty area with their place in the penalty area and with the marauding company occupying 30 yards from Aguero Gol from De Jong.

He faced up to four in a compact QPR, with four midfielders in the audience around him.

“You understand what you can and can’t do on the pitch.”

A flashing touch to his left engineered space outside Shawn Derry, but Aguero needed help. Ideally from someone reliable, given the complete lack of any margin for error.


Balotelli was on the pitch for the first time in a month in a Manchester City shirt.

After a 1-0 Easter Sunday defeat at Arsenal, Mastini could not rely on his unconscious strength, leaving City United eight points behind in six games. Tevez, who campaigned extensively to play golf in Argentina, represented a much more reliable alternative.

But with nowhere else to go, he dared and prayed for Mario to be super. But in short.

Introducing Th in the 76th minute, Balotelli gave the impression that he was not only banned from the Premier League arena, but had been playing football perfectly since his previous game.

The Italian striker was able to continue seven attempts – two targets, five blocked – during a frantic camouflage. Aguero probably got it back inside the degree and in the fight with Anton Ferdinand.

“I tried to control the ball and I got in touch with the defender and the ball went a little bit off my feet,” Balotelli told City TV five years later. “I thought there might be some room for Sergio in half a second.”

If Balotelli had been straight, QPR might have seen their last dog’s tireless piece of hard work. Forced behind him for the sole support of his Premier League career, he created opportunities and chaos.

Faced with his own goal, Derry had to block Pronal Balotelli, while Wright-Phillips also compromised on his way back to the defense. Hill holds the square of his position with his center-back partner on the field, and loses to the company’s six-yard box and pulls left-back Taye Tao with him.

The pocket of a place opened. A place in Turf Balotelli was able to be identified from its altar location. When limbs broke around him and a strong defense spread, Aguero was thinking fast. Law porteno.


The aforementioned tradition of Argentina’s tough, uncompromising neighbor football is intertwined with the mysteries and myths that shut down the country’s national sport.

A play style based on skill and improvisation – La Nuestra, Which translates as “our path” – locked in collective consciousness during the first half of the 20th century. Major football magazines El GraficoIt has deepened this romantic connection with the image pibe – Literally a kid or urchin, whose rough and ready football technique combined street smarts and skills and it was something of an archeology. Usually they will dribble in gambeta Style, a description that refers to the close control, cunning and deception of the resisters.

The idea that Argentina’s Diego Maradona, Ariel Ortega, Lionel Messi and all the other squats, explosive and technically brilliant attackers were immersed in their yellow leaves El Grafico The archive is far-reaching but the style is undoubtedly embedded. Consider how many barreling, dribbling goals these national players have created – as pistons their way through intensive control, short breaks and useless defenses.

While the walls were closing in on City’s title bid, Aguero showed himself as a proud product of this dynasty. When Balotelli began his fight against gravity, he skillfully tested his run behind and around Wright-Phillips to clear the way to the penalty area.

With the pass roll, he took the shape of a shoot and drew a scandalous Taiyo, who was in control of his company a little late in the deck. Aguero couldn’t actually touch Balotelli’s return pass until his body position meant the rash slide tackled that he could get out with the outside of his right boot.

Taiui appropriately gambeta’dOne last stroke of fate came.


“I touched it again and saw that I was close to the goal, so I said ‘I’ll shoot.’ Said – the next emotion at least decorated him with every soul inside the Etihad Stadium.

“After watching it again, I realized that if I could shoot across the target, a defender could have stopped it. I celebrated the goal and told everyone, ‘I hit it so well!’

ব্যক্তিগত প্রিমিয়ার লিগের 23 টি লক্ষ্য যা এখন 180 পড়ছে, আগুয়েরোর হিংস্র ডান বুট সহ 127 টির মধ্যে একটি হ’ল হঠাৎ পরাজিত হিউজেসের উপর বোধগম্যভাবে একটি অদম্য ছাপ রেখে গেছে।

“আমি যে সমস্ত গেমের সাথে জড়িত ছিলাম সেগুলির মধ্যে যে গোলটি সেই গোলটি হয়েছিল সেই মুহুর্তে আমি এর আগে বা পরে যা শুনেছি তার থেকে আলাদা।

“এটি কেবল অবিশ্বাস্য শব্দ – একটি ফুটবলের ভিড়ের কাছে আলাদা শব্দ It এটি ছিল চিৎকার এবং শোরগোলের মিশ্রণ It এটি ছিল এক অবিশ্বাস্য মুহূর্ত।”

সেই র‌্যাকেটটি তখন থেকে বিশ্বজুড়ে হাজারবার পুনরায় খেলানো হয়েছে। ইংরাজী ফুটবলের গতিপথ পরিবর্তন করে এমন একটি টাইট্রোপের একটি লক্ষ্য, যা বিরোধী দলকে ৯২ তম মিনিটের থ্রো-ইন উপহার দিয়ে শুরু হয়েছিল এবং মূল নায়কটির ধর্মঘটকারী অংশীদারটির পতনের পরে একটি গুমোটের জন্য শেষ হয়েছিল।

এটি প্রিমিয়ার লিগের সর্বাধিক বিখ্যাত লক্ষ্য – ম্যানচেস্টারের সাথে তুলো মিল এবং হ্যাকিয়েন্ডার সমার্থক একটি মুহূর্ত এবং তবুও তার হাড়ের আর্জেন্টিনা।