AJ Styles finally responds to WWE releases by Luke Gallo and Carl Anderson

  • He responded to the release on a new video and it is heartbreaking to watch.
  • Stiles feels responsible for the release of Gallo and Anderson.


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AJ Styles, Carl Anderson, and Luke Gallows.“/>
AJ Styles, Carl Anderson, and Luke Gallows.

Recent spree Of the WWE The release was wonderful for several reasons. Although the slightest talent that was left to himself was astonishing, to say the least, some of the names on the list raised quite a few eyebrows among fans, pundits and wrestlers.

The WWE release of Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson was unexpected because the duo had a role in one of the main events of WrestleMania 36.

What happens to the OC? And AJ Styles? How did Phenomenal One take the news?

AJ Styles was injured by the release of Gallows and Anderson

Stiles finally commented on the release of Gallows and Anderson in his new mixer video.

AJ Styles was just as shocked as everyone else and he admits that the news hit him a lot. Styles is suffering and he feels himself responsible for the departure of Gallows and Anderson, whom he considers his brother.

He felt that it was his responsibility to look after Gallows and Anderson and that he was devastated by the unexpected development.

Here’s what Stiles said about the release of his former OC’s stablemates:

In case you didn’t know the boys, guys like Gallos and Anderson, my brothers were released yesterday and he was injured. That hurt really bad. Really bad Um, the only thing I can understand that can explain it is these guys are my family and I can’t take care of my own brothers, you know what I’m talking about? About it I feel like I’m the biggest. I was supposed to take care of them and I didn’t and I feel responsible in some strange way for them to be released. It’s devastating. I know of no other way to explain it.

AJ Styles also shared his thoughts on other superstars that were offered as part of WWE’s spending cut system.

The former WWE Champion has gone through a whole list of published superstars and he has talked specifically about a few talents.

He acknowledges that this is a bizarre situation, but expected unprecedented business action considering the epidemic and its adverse effects on every step of life. Styles are just as shocking to all of us and they are truly heartbreaking.

Stiles says:

There are other great wrestlers too, I’ll get to the bottom of your list here. Kurt Angle, a friend of mine. Rusev, Drake Maverick, great guy Jack Ryder, Kurt Hawkins, Heath Slater, Eric Young, Rowan. People like Eric Young, I don’t know how he missed the boat. Rowan is another guy, as I said, doing a great job. Sarah Logan She was just on TV, on PPV. One of the main events at WrestleMania is Gallows and Anderson. Mike Chioda This guy sure has a period. So for him, referee Mike Chioda sucked it up. Mike Canelis, Maria Canelis, EC3, Aiden English, Leo Rusch, Primo and Epico and I’m sure some people came from NXT but I’m not sure if I saw anything in that.

It’s just weird, this thing is expected with everything that happened, and I’m just as shocked as you are with the few that have been released.

With Gallows and Anderson no longer employed in the company, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of OC.

Will AJ Styles recruit new members or have we seen the last part of the team in WWE? What will happen to Phenomenal One? We did Note a few possibilities for AJ styles Now he’s without The Good Brothers.

Stiles is expected to be out of action for some time as he was buried alive by the Undertaker in a Boneyard match at WrestleMania 1 36.

When it comes to Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson, they have many interesting options on the table.

Carl Anderson recently returned ‘The Machine Gun’ moniker and appears to be on the cards returning to NJPW.

Japanese family names Gallows and Anderson were popular names during their time at the Bullet Club.

Making the most logical decision to go back to NJPW. However, as we said earlier, former RAW Tag Team champions have options.

All Elite Wrestling has made it a habit to sign former WWE Superstars, and they will not object to taking on the services of Gallows and Anderson. Their experience will assist the AU Tag Team Division, which consists of former members of the Bullet Club.

Gallows and Anderson were signed by WWE in 2016 and while having their moments, the high-rated tag team never truly cemented their place as the face of the WWE tag team division.

The two unhappy reigns with the title have not judged their talent as a tag team performer.

Nevertheless, Galleos is still 36 years old and Anderson is 40 years old and they have offers to go further.

Published 17 April 2020, 17:58 IST

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