Alexa Bliss searches for Ronta Rousey to injure her in the WWE

  • Rhonda Rouse’s latest comments have received a response from Alexa Bliss.
  • Lana previously returned to the former RAW Women’s Champion.


Changed 11 Apr 2020, 22:45 IST

Alexa Bliss and Rhonda Rousey“/>
Alexa Bliss and Rhonda Rousey

Alexa happiness Lana joined in to respond Rhonda RouseyHis comments about a “fake fight” during his one-year run with the WWE.

Lectures on Wild ride! Including Steve-O Podcast, Rousey said that he “did fake fights for fun” in the WWE but didn’t want to return to a full-time schedule because he didn’t feel appreciated by “ungrateful” fans.

It prompted Lana to remind the former RAW women’s champion that superstars included The career of Paige and Tyson Kidd is over After an injury in a WWE match.

Bliss has now become the latest WWE superstar to return to UFC Hall of Famer, after having not competed for several months in 2018 and 2019 after suffering two concussions in separate matches against Rouse.

Posting on Twitter, he shared a clip talking about injuries in his ‘WWE 365’ documentary, with the caption, “H.M. Was out for about a year. Must be “fake”, of course.

Alexa Bliss vs. Rhonda Rousey in the WWE

Rhonda Rousey defeated Alexa Bliss for the 2018 Women’s Championship at SummerSlam and retained the title at Hell in a Cell a month later against the same superstar.

Bliss was upset when he accepted a headlock takeover from Rousey in their match at Hell in a Cell, but returned to action a month later to face his on-screen rivals at live events.

Both superstars were the first women-per-view, with Nikki Bella confronting Rousey with Trish Stratus and Lisa facing Mikey James.

However, eight days before the event, Bliss faced another set of concerns after receiving a similar move from Rousey, which resulted in her losing three months of in-ring action.

Happiness later revealed in his ‘WWE 365’ documentary that his career was about to end.

Published April 11, 2020, 22:45 IST

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