Alistair Black talks about lockdowns, how to deal, and how to escape

We are living in extraordinary times.

Lockdown, the border is closed, the sooner we take off the more often it closes.

The game as we know it has ceased to exist, but against the background of those who lost their lives to the coronavirus, it is just a blade on the horizon.

But there is still a need for escapism in the gravity of the position we find ourselves in – a little bit of normalcy that can only lift the darkness for a moment.

For many, this includes wrestling. And while the eyebrows are raised, as far as the WWE is concerned, the show continues.

For a genius like Alistair Black, it offers some of the strangest opportunities.

The essence of his job has changed, the travel, the arena, the fans, the rise of adrenaline in a pop is gone. All that’s left is an empty performance center, atmosphere, power and non-service delivery – WWE Universe od

So how is life with just a single show a week?

Black explains, “It’s kind of bittersweet.” Once you’re on the road, you’ll always want to take some more time off, it will kill your body and dry you up mentally – so you’ll have a few days off and that’s great, but now I have enough days off and I I want it to go back in. I feel like going on the street, I miss wrestling, I miss meeting my colleagues, I miss the audience. I missed what sports as entertainment. It is myself and my wife (fellow dabludabliui star jelinga Vega) trying time for everyone, including “”

While talking to him, the dark exterior of his character on the on-screen reappears, a man very consciously aware of the well-being of humanity and when his focus is on the overall return to health and normalcy, Black Sports entertains him. He is fully aware of the role he can play.

“I really care about people. I care about our fans, and I think about how hard it must be for a lot of people, not myself and my family.

“It’s trying time for everyone so it’s probably for 10 minutes, maybe an hour, for the whole event. I feel good knowing that we’ve been able to provide something to take people’s minds away from this whole situation. I have a great opportunity to be involved now and I will continue to do so in the future. “

With a background in martial arts and martial arts, it’s easy to see where his spirit and manners came from, but like everyone else, he has tough moments.

Exercise is a big part of a black man’s routine, his home gym is affectionately called “The Sun Asylum,” but this time he called for control and positivity when he devised methods to address key issues.

“I focus on the things I can control,” he said. “I can control what I do during the day. I can control how much news comes to my ears. With the resources we have, I can control the activities I want to take part in while at home

“It can be positive and about finding what can help you at this point. If you’re going to sit back and think about all this being negative, it’s going to be a very negative experience, and it’s not going to reduce any feelings, I’m just encouraging people not to stay negative for a long time because it’s not going to help you in the long run – it Despite how difficult it is. “

And his message to those in need of advice… ..

“Try to stay level of state, try to breathe, look at the realistic option when it comes and see what’s really going on. This is a very serious matter, even trying to keep some perspective in it. “

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