Alistair O’Brien finishes Walt Harris via TKO at UFC’s main event on ESPN 8


Revised 17 May 2020, 10:00 IST

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Alistair Overim

In tonight’s main event UFC On ESPN 8 card, Walt Harris In July 2016, Alexei returned to the octagon for the first time after defeating Oleini.

Harris was supposed to face off in the beginning Alistair Overim At the UFC on ESPN 7 in late 2019, however, the former had to withdraw from the fight due to the search for his missing daughter Aniyah Blanchard.

Alistair O’Brien loses to Walt Harris in UFC main event on ESPN 8

Overim had already suffered a huge loss in the title of this fight Zyrginho Rosenzarik ‘The Rem’ was brutally knocked out after his last octagon was out. In almost the same fashion, Walt Harris came close to finishing the fight, as he caught O’Brien with a punch but somehow survived.

O’Brien somehow survived, but with a huge cut on his left eyebrow, the bleeding started. But, Harris’ aggression cost him almost to fight, because he slipped on his feet and Overim controlled the fight quite a bit on the ground. For the rest of # 1.

As the fight resumed in the second round, Overim grabbed the tired Harris early and knocked him back to the ground. Ref Dan Miragliota gave the world all-time ‘The Big Ticket’ but he could no longer recover from the punch storm given by Overim and eventually ended the fight.

In a post-war interview, Harris admitted that he would not withdraw from UNFC or MMA sports and that he would continue to fight despite the tragic death of his daughter, Aniyah Blanchard. For Overim, the veteran heavyweight is also eyeing the UFC heavyweight title but not yet just