Allison recovered from injury as the Liverpool squad was busy during lockdown


Changed 18 Apr 2020, 17:06 IST

Liverpool goalie Allison

Liverpool have confirmed that Alyson has recovered from a hip injury he suffered from the Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid in Anfield.

The goalkeeper was unable to beat Atletico 3-2 in Antilletide last month after a slight problem with training, which ended the Reds’ reign in Europe.

Adrian was disappointed with the Brazilian’s absence, though it was to blame for the first of two goals scored by back-up Marcos Lorent, who won the LaLiga team 2-1 and made it to the quarterfinals.

It was Liverpool’s last game before the season was halted due to a coronavirus epidemic, although Allison – who also won the Premier League 2-0 against Bournemouth in March – was close to fitness before the break.

“He sent some jumps and videos to practice,” goalie coach John Achterberg said of Allison’s progress on the club’s website.

“Of course, we were working with him until lockdown and he was basically fit ically now it was in his favor to keep it at home like other goalkeepers.

“They all get their programs from the fitness department so they, like other players, will work and try to stay as fit as possible.”

Allison and the rest of the team are in unique situations as they train at home because of the social-distance measures adopted to prevent the spread of the virus.

However, Premier League leaders have confirmed that all of their guards have the necessary tools to stay sharp during the suspension, with no sign of a return to immediate action.

“If they needed boots, we got them boots; if they needed balls, we got some balls from them. So

“The physical division sent all the weight that the boys wanted and needed, because some are in the apartment and nobody needed all the equipment, so the club provided it with Andreas. [Kornmayer’s] Team.

“They all put together all the exercises and some live training sessions. So we all tried to keep the banner up, but also maintain the level of fitness.”