Ambati Rayudu has chosen his favorite IPL team


Retrieved 04 May 2020, 12:23 IST

Ambati Rayudu in IPL“/>
Ambati Rayudu in IPL

Ambati Rayudu The current franchise has chosen Chennai Super Kings as its favorite team in the IPL. He also praised their sensitive and loyal fan base, implying that they are second to none in the country.

In an Instagram live session with him IPL Suffrage Chennai Super Kings, In stark contrast to his deadly and seemingly volatile nature on the field, Rayudu showed him a different and light side.

E.g. Dwayne Bravo explained A very recent misunderstanding of the Rayudu cricket fraternity in a live session similar to CSK’s handle.

Rayudu, on the other hand, praised CSK fans for their overwhelming support, especially when the franchise was banned and their image was under investigation.

“CSK fans have a knowledge of how passionate South Indians are. We don’t see such a fan base even when playing for India, “said Rayudu.

He also explained the difference between his former IPL team, Mumbai Indians And his current franchise was quite overwhelmed by the freedom and peace he was subsequently given, where he felt the players had shown more confidence.

“It’s very quiet in CSK, they put a lot of faith in the player’s skills, while MI sets up a more ‘play-play-roll’ kind of thing.”

Ambati Rayudu’s impressive shoot in IPL

Ambati Rayudu records winning run in IPL 2018 final against SRH“/>
Ambati Rayudu records winning run in IPL 2018 final against SRH

Ambati Rayudu has enjoyed one great run in the IPL for several years. He was part of a three-title winning campaign for the Mumbai Indians, where he spent eight seasons. In 2018, he got a place in the Chennai Super Kings team. He blossomed at the bottom MS Dhoni And instantly impressed, he collected 202 runs that season and helped them to the title for the first time since 2011.

Ambati Rayudu scored the total runs 3300 runs in 147 IPL matches, Including a hundred alone, against which came Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Ambati Rayudu has scored 3300 runs in 14 IPL matches for all the teams“/>
Ambati Rayudu has scored 3300 runs in 147 IPL matches for all the teams