Ambit Smith’s contract calls for the county to ‘not play chicken’


Retrieved 14 May 2020, 00:20 IST

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Dallas Cowboys Great Emmett Smith has called on the franchisee to avoid “chicken play” in deal negotiations with quarterback Duck Prescott.

Presscott is set to play under the franchise tag in the 2020 season which will give him more than 15 15 million with a deadline of July 15 for a long-term contract.

This week’s report suggested that Prescott could be the NFL’s highest-paid player with a condition of 35 35 million a year, even though he is pushing for a four-year contract instead of five.

When Cincinnati was released by the Bengals this month, the Cowboys stepped in to sign veteran QB Andy Dalton but regained their desire to reach an agreement with Prescott.

Smith, a three-time Super Bowl winner, believes there will be a deal with the Cowboys, despite uninterrupted media speculation.

“As far as players go, they’re not worried about whether they’ll sign the post,” Smith told 1053.3 The Fan.

“I’m not even worried. I believe he’ll finish it and I believe the Cowboys will finish it. We don’t have a place to play games or play chicken.”

“It’s important to put pressure on people who need something to talk about because there’s not much to talk about because we don’t have camps and minicamps and more.

“In the business of motivation, when you lift you try to set the rules and you only fight for the foundation. I think at some point this thing will go down.”

Smith’s move came after the first-round pick of the second ex-Cowboys, Marcus Spears, said he would be “insane” not to sign a contract for the amount of the presscott report, but suggested the story was not normal.

Spears told ESPN, “If they have offered Duck a guaranteed offer of 35 35 million and more than 100 100 million a year, and he rejects it because of an extra year, Duck Express,” Spears told ESPN.

“I’ve never known a guy fight for more than a year if he’s guaranteed মিল 100 million, but in general, the important thing for NFL players is, ‘What am I going to do with my bank account?’

“[But] I’m thinking of something about the structure of this deal that is giving the call and its agent a break before sucking. “

Since the start of last season, the Cowboys have agreed to raise large sums of money with Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott, Jelon Smith and Demarcus Lawrence.

Spears added: “In everyone [QB] The deal we saw [on other teams] This was not a delay. Many of these players were not signed to the squad before the quarterback.

“There wasn’t a nine-year starter [Dalton] Signed as a backup. We continue to monitor that they do normal business and will complete the deal. All these things, it is not normal! “