Anka is breathing new life into Yoga with Nietoi

There is no shortage of yoga studios in Dubai. In fact, every now and then there is a new class or routine that adds a new twist to it.

While the huge popularity of these innovations and yoga may not be a bad thing, often the exact strategy behind every seat or gesture is lost, and this is where Anka Nieto, founder and CEO of the Broth Wellness Center, comes in.

The right technique can have a great impact on your practice, and it was something I learned from Ankara with just one class.

His endless guidance and minor tweets in my technique allow me to feel a sense of benefit and rejuvenation, which is synonymous with yoga practice.

“I recently signed up for an aggregator class that allows students to pick and participate in classes at various studios. From here I realized that even though some students are regular yoga practitioners, their strategy was wrong, “Anka told Sport3 Sport০.

“Bad tactics not only reduce the benefits of seating but can also damage the body – the complete opposite of what we want. I had this fatigue in my mind and I decided to have regular classes as well as workshops to help students understand each posture and improve their technique. “

Ankara’s hands-on approach is the right way to ease students’ engagement, as the key to this exercise is to listen to your body, allowing it to gradually relax in each posture.

Her practice began with small events, but helping a friend with a terminal illness was important for her.

Ankara’s friend eventually succumbed to her illness, but she strengthened her tendency for yoga knowledge to others to help increase their fitness and overall quality of life.

The fulfillment of yoga in the fitness industry can be worrying for some people but for Ankara which is part of the evolution of this practice.

He said, “Every time something is taught it is absorbed by the student and evaluated in a new light. Like the evolution of nature, the knowledge of yoga will change over time as it is handed over to others

While breathing resources may be relatively new to the UAE fitness scene, it is certainly a place that supports and promotes Yoga’s true values. Log in to learn more about it Or contact her [email protected]

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