Any Blogger Guide to UFC 249

As the lockdown grips the planet, live sport is a matter of short supply.

Now, we’re not questioning the severity of the current coronavirus epidemic, but people around the world are sitting at home, one of the things many people are missing is their sports activities fix.

Against all odds, UFC 249 was the only show heard in the city this weekend.

The obvious regular following will come with this, but we can also expect an intrusion that new armchair fans will only want to keep an eye on for some live sports.

It’s not like sitting around without an opinion, sports fans always need to be able to develop a “knowledge” of what’s going on in front of them – but it can be ill-advised.

So for those who are in that category, here is the blogger’s guide to the main card of UFC 249.

Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gothji (Intermediate UFC Lightweight title fight)

First, it’s not the fight that should be. 22-3 Ferguson, who is on a 12-fight winning streak, should have taken the current light-weight king Khabib Nurmagomedov, but flight bans and Dagestan’s home run to Champaign did not happen.

It’s a shame because if anyone claims to risk gold, it’s El Kukui. One of his last seven opponents has been released Meme worthy bloody mess Thank Him for all the unwanted crimes that come to you from all angles. Ferguson, who is equally adept at his hands, feet, elbows and ground, is the ultimate weapon of a man.

Gothje is a disguised thing. Arriving at UFC in 2017 with a big reputation and an unbeaten record, two losses in his first three fights quickly tracked the standout chatter.

He still has only half a dozen UFC fights under his belt, all of which end with K or TK, but are regularly discussed in the upper courtyard of the division. Extremely enjoyable, Gathage is not in the octagon to ask questions, he is rocking too fast – sometimes even the cause of his loss.

Intelligent money once again suggests Ferguson’s victory, again in quite a bloody fashion, but that could change very quickly if Goths can drop the bomb.

If Khagib can fly again, Ferguson is hopeful that his shot will get to gold.

Henry Sejudo vs. Dominic Cruz (UFC Bantamweight title fight)

Henry Sejudo is a stud in the face of things. In fact, no, Henry Sejudo is a stud. The Olympic gold medalist wrestler, and the former world champion in the two divisions, speaks for himself with his record. In fact, his time at the UFC as his 125 lb champion only ended when he was forced to nullify the title. What’s not to love about all these American heroes, is it?

Not quite. The UFC’s “little boys” were often looked after, intended to pang, and it seems that the locals in Phoenix are doing their best to make sure that things don’t happen to him.

The result is an almost regular person asking people to ‘kneel down’ and usually rubbing people in the wrong way in such a way that the level of stinginess becomes absolutely bad. A 9-2 record for the UFC, overall, combined with his past accomplishments and you know he’s a legitimate fighter just expecting most of the observation this weekend when he punches in the face every week.

Dominic Cruz, on the other hand, is the only one who spent the class, and if it weren’t for a few horrific injuries, he could easily have appeared in the conversation of the best pound-for-pounder of all time.

MMA has snatched us from the real talents since the end of 2011 to fight only four times.

Despite being knocked out, he is still 135 lbs king and many will see him return to the throne.

A cerebral operator, his in-ring interval paved the way for a brilliant stint in color commentary and TV analysis. She has the tools to solve the Sejudo puzzle, especially her incredible footwork and laser-guided striking but it won’t be easy.

The heart will say cruise, but towards Sejudo. Three-and-a-half years out of the octagon could be too much for a cruise.

Francis Nagnau v Zyrginho Rosenzarik

If you need to take a break from the bathroom or fill the glass, this is not the time to do it, these two are removing the head from the neck business.

Among them, the pair have 27 pro outs under the belt (RosenSrik 10-0, Nagnu 14-3), a total of 17 first-round picks. MMA does not pay by the hour.

These are two huge men and you hit when they hit you.

Ask Anister O’Brien, who has a similarly terrifying reputation with a 4-0 win over UNFC Rosenstrik, Nagnaur has a reputation for the origin of your soul.

Nagnau was outscored by current heavyweight champ Stip Miosic and lost just two of his UFC defeats to Derrick Lewis, but he still showed a strength with three notable first-round wins.

Rosensrik has thrown in two of his most recent stories, Andrei Arlovsky and Overim, and the title of victory for any man should be called into question.

In a battle of two terrifying men, the one who lands clearly will probably win.

Jeremy Stephens vs. Calvin Cater

Among those who watched Connor McGregor’s smack talk video was Jeremy Stephen, an Irishman. I was interrogating the identity at a famous press conference (Language warning at the link).

It would be unfair to just remember this for the 45 American veterans who demanded respect for his tenacity and longevity at the top level – he has been in the UFC since 2007.

His record is somewhat of a patchwork win and a loss cut (28-21 overall.) But there are a few names in the business best, with no wins in his last four outs.

The man looking to open the gate on this occasion is Calvin Cater. In ninth place in the featherweight division, with two spots under Stephen, Cater is losing to the great Jabit Magomedharipov, and the win against Stephens will require him to step back up the stairs.

Chances are it will be another one where some deadly skin has been thrown, the cataract needs to be on the right side of the result.

Greg Hardy v Jগrgen de Castro

For former NFL defender Greg Hardy, his life outside the octagon often overshadows what happens inside. We will let you read more about that.

Truth be told, what he wrote inside the octagon is nothing like writing at home, he won’t get two wins against an average opponent in five UFC outings.

A D-Castro from Dana White’s Contader series, a reality-style event to explore upcoming talent, and has an endless 6-0 Pro record without a standout name.

The first fight of the PPV card is in the empty arena, it can easily go under the radar. The winner in the heavyweight division can somehow claim relevance, not lose.

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