Argentinean guard Leandro Bolmaro announced the draft for the NBA draft


20 Apr 2020, 05:34 IST has been changed

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Barcelona’s Leandro Bolmarro

A 19-year-old guard from Argentina, Leandro Bolmarro has announced in favor of the NBA draft.

Considered a skilled ballhandler and playmaker as well as a defensive defender, the 6-foot-7 ballmaker is expected at the end of the first round or early in the second.

He played for Barcelona last season, splitting time between top clubs and second division teams.

The Scouts have been impressed with his high basketball IQ and his improved shooting this past season.

His skills are seen as raw but he has high ceilings and unless he is 20 years old by September, a team from the NBA can draft him and send him to the G-League as he adds muscle and develops his game.