Arthur is flattered by inter-links but targeted at having a long-term rain


Changed 19 April 2020, 16:30 IST

Arthur wants to stay in Barcelona

Barcelona star Arthur Inter has declined the possibility, though he feels honored to be associated with the move.

The Brazilian is in the second season of the midfielder Bursa, to which he added an initial € 31 million from Grimmio.

He has often been involved in pressure on the first team for the success of La Liga and the Champions League, so sees no reason to leave Camp Nou.

Reports suggest Loutaro Martinez’s future as a potential makeweight in future moves to Earth and Argentina and inter-Argentina.

But he told La Gazita Delo Sport that he was going to Italy that at the moment Antonio Conte was not part of his career plan to join the squad.

Arthur said: “For any player, your name is as important as Inter and it is honorable to be associated with a world renowned club and a great coach and an impressive squad.

“However, with my head just thinking of Barcelona, ​​I feel very comfortable with the club and the city and in fact I see myself with Bluegrass for many years.”