Asika challenges Mickey James


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 06:00 IST

Tomorrow Empress is ready for anyone“/>
Tomorrow the Empress is ready for anyone

It’s been a dream week Asuka. After winning the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match, she didn’t have to wait long to become the women’s champion. It was revealed by Becky Lynch that the Money in the Bank ladder match was actually for the RAW Women’s Championship, as The Man was pregnant and had to leave the WWE for some time.

Asuk has been celebrating her success on social media for the past few days but was soon challenged by the former female champion, Mickey James. James is a legend and trailblazer in the women’s section to his own right Feedback He tells Asuka that he has never been given anything in his career, especially in championships.

The former female champion added that she would be more than happy to challenge Asuka for her crown as well. You can see the tweets below.

Tomorrow Empress James will respond to this challenge and it looks like the new RAW female champion is ready to fight.

Asuka continues his dream run

2020 has been a year of Asuka revival. The women’s tag team championship was held until Empress WrestleMania 3 till tomorrow and fans also loved her rivalry on RAW.

Now with the RAW Women’s Championship, Asuka has become the Grand Slam champion in the women’s division and would like to welcome all the challenges ahead.

Who can take possible steps to face the Empress tomorrow?