Asuka responds to her historical achievements in the WWE


Retrieved 12 May 2020, 11:58 IST

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Asuka won the RAW Women’s Championship for the first time in her WWE career

This week’s episode ‘R’ The RAW has opened with a sensitive announcement from the Women’s Champion Becky Lynch Confirmed that she is pregnant. ‘The Man’ relinquished his title, saying he would step down from the WWW for a while.

As a result, Money in Bank 2020 winner Asuka became the new RAW Women’s Champion. Although Asuka For the first time in her WWE career to win the Red Brand Cherished Women’s title, she made sure to take part in the launch celebration with equal enthusiasm.

After following the episode, Asampa took to her Instagram account to let her know how ‘easy’ it was to be a champion. She posted a picture of the RAW Women’s Championship with the headline “EZ-PZ,” a statement of her signature on the WWE.

Asuka celebrates the beginning of her RAW Women’s Championship reign with Kerry Sone

In a video shared by WWW Japan, half of The Kabuki Warriors and the newly crowned RAW female champion Asuka responded to the title win.

Asuka started congratulating Becky Lynch during her pregnancy. He then went on to talk about the beginning of his title reign at Red Brands in the video which also showed his tag team partner Kerry Sane in it.

“Congratulations Becky! And this too …” Asuka pointed to her newly acquired title. “I am the champion!” He added. This is incredible! “Kyrie quickly joined the Sun and noted that the turn of events was incredible.” It’s incredible, sister! “The other half of the Kabuki Warriors said,” Asoka said, “I know, it was surprising.”

Following this, Sane asked, “Well, does that mean you have all the WWE titles?”

Asuka replied, “Actually, yes! I just made the Grand Slam of all the championships.”

Despite being a true friend of Kyrie Sane, her tag team partner did not shy away from hyping the latest achievement.

“I’m speechless! People will start praising Asuka,” he told WWE fans before sending a message praising Asuka.

After winning the RAW Women’s Championship this week, Asuka added a few more feathers to her cap to become the third female triple crown champion in WWE history and the second female Grand Slam champion.