AW star Matt Hardy commented on WWE’s mass journey

  • Earlier today, WWE was forced to release and furlough most of their in-ring and backstage employees.
  • The former WWE superstar, who is currently with the AWE, commented on WWE’s mass transit.


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Matt Hardy

It was a very difficult day for wrestlers around the world of professional wrestling. Due to the coronavirus epidemic and its impact on the sport and the world in general, WWE is forced to release and furlough several of their employees, including in-ring performers and backstage producers.

It is not surprising, then, that during this test, the world of professional wrestling is beautifully doing it to support one another, regardless of publicity. One such wrestler was Au Matt Hardy, For several employees who had a few words by Of the WWE.

In an edition of his daily Twitter vlog titled ‘In This Toozie’, Matt Hardy talks about how he’s trying to bring some joy through these videos.

In the video he says:

“In these uncertain, trying, scary times, there are so many people out there dealing with so many issues. Many people across the United States are losing jobs, which is heartbreaking. And even today I have many friends, so many big brothers in WWE who have their jobs. Lost and lost their job I want each of you to know that my heart is broken for you On, I’m very sorry, it’s awful We find that we are going through, because we have to be strong for hard times require tough-minded.

She signed up the video to keep everyone safe and alert.

Matt Hardy has been a part of WWE for almost 20 years, making his debut for the then-WWF. Matt and his brother Jeff are both known as The Hardy Boys, where WWE took on the wrestling redefined tag team of their time. They were multi-time tag team champions

Matt Hardy jumped in while his brother Jeff was still a part of WWE AEW Last month, where he debuted with ‘Broken’ gimmick in the dynamite.

We here at Sportsidea are grateful for all the stars, on-rings and backstage who have been blocked and released today to entertain us over the years. We wish them the best of luck during this difficult time and hope to come back to do what they love very soon.

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