Back to Expert, Free Glider Awards, Season Events, New Skins and more


Retrieved 20 May 2020, 12:31 IST

FortNet Update v12.60 is now over.“/>
FortNet update v12.60 is now over. (Image credit: Epic Games / Stormlix)

After a slightly unexpected delay yesterday, the FortNet V12.60 update was finally rolled out on May 20, 2020. The Fortnit update before V12.60 brings several major changes to the game, including a revival of Part Royal GameMode, “Heavy Sniper” NRP, and OG ‘Risky Reels’.

With each update, the Fortnite storyline moves forward. The list that the Fortnite community expects with the v12.60 update includes the fate of the ‘Doomsday Device’ and the Midas Key leaning towards future plans.

Chapter 2 Season 86% Complete (Image Credit: HIPX)“/>
Chapter 2 Season 86% Complete (Image Credit: HYPEX)

This Fortnit v12.60 update is after the second, after 12.31 before we move on to Fortisite Season 3.

The article contains all the new additions to enter the game with the Fornet V12.60 patch note and Fortnite 12.60 leaks. All bug fixes implemented with this update can be found at the end of this article.

Expert Ricon is returning to Farnight

The Recon specialist will eventually return to the Fortnite item store and it will be decorated in a new style. He was last seen at the Fortnite Item Store on November 12, 2017.

Agency challenges storm

Along with the update, a new set of challenges titled ‘Storm the Agency’ will come out. Challenges will reward players with a glider upon completion.

Reward Items for Completing Challenges (Image Credit: iFireMonkey)“/>
Reward item for completing challenges (Image credit: iFireMonkey)

New skins set and wrapped with Fortnight V12.60 update

Resurrection – the denier

A popular data miner, iFairMonkey, has discovered an in-game file titled ‘Fighter’ that is alleged to be linked to a Doomsday device located at ‘The Agency’.

Based on the educated guesses, we can probably look forward to the event on Doomsday.

Fortuneite v12.60 Patch Note

(Credit: iFireMonkey)

Spy Games LTM

Operation Penetration The new spy games playlist and update will arrive at 9 a.m. ET. Remove the Intel case from the defending team’s turf or prevent your case from reaching the attacker’s destination.

The decision to pass the war

Reminder to finish your challenges for this season’s battle pass characters. You can’t choose Ghost and Shadow variants for your characters when The is finished. Lock your Maya too.

Dynamic resolution for iOS

IOS Player has a new opt-in feature to help you reach your target frame-rate. Dynamic Resolutions Automatically adjusts game resolution to maintain this target frame-rate. Dynamic resolution can be turned on or off in the iOS video settings menu.

Party Royal Update

Grappler and Jetpack have arrived and Fortnit has refined several existing attractions.

Next week: PC controller adjustment

Controller tweets, tunes and investigations continue. We have some changes for the next step, but we don’t want to reveal before the FNCS’s inviting finals right now.

You can also find bugs that have been implemented through this FortNet v12.60 update here