Backstage reveals why Drew Gulak decided to leave WWE


Revised 17 May 2020, 18:31 IST

Drew Gulak and Daniel Bryan.“/>
Drew Gulak and Daniel Bryan.

E.g. Report By the first Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheets, Drew Gulak The split ways with WWE and fans just didn’t make it.

PWInsider There were additional reports That’s Gulak WWE’s The contract expired after the recent SmackDown taping and both parties could not come to terms in terms of signing a new contract.

The latest edition of Dave Meltzer reveals more about Gulak’s WWW departure. Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer said Gulak had asked for an increase and WWE officials refused to make any offer to him, citing the impact of the epidemic on business. Meltzer noted that the WWE also pulled their original offer for Gulak.

Drew Gulak’s WWE exit, thus perfecting the financial feud between the company and the superstar. It was added that WWW is not encouraging superstars right now and this is understandable as the company has recently revealed a lot of talent as a cost-cutting measure.

Meltzer reveals:

His contract has expired and I do not know all the details. The story that went around was originally told by him to raise, they didn’t say and they basically pulled out the offer they made. There was something along this line. It was definitely a money situation where you know, the main situation is that they are not giving any rise right now, which I think is understandable because they are cutting so many people.

Draw Gulak’s immediate future

Drew Gulak was not released as previously reported because his contract had expired. The former cruiserweight champion can accept bookings or sign contracts with other companies because he does not have to comply with the 90-day no-competition clause.

The news of Gulak’s departure from the WWE was not expected after he lost to Daniel Bryan, a superstar wrestler, in the first round match of the latest SmackDown IC title tournament.

Gulak was pressing the line of his story with Brian on social media just hours before his departure from the WWE became public knowledge.

As things stand, Gulak is a free agent and will definitely get a lot of attention from other promotions when the business starts again.