Barারa’s boss Setien used to ‘love’ coach Neymar


Retrieved 23 May 2020, 04:44 IST

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Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar

Barcelona boss Quick Setin has said he will “like” Neymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain at the Camp Nou.

Neymar left Bar্সa for PSG in 2013 after transferring বিশ্ব 222 million to the world record, but has been linked with a return to the Brazilian forward.

The 26-year-old failed to return to Bar্সa at the start of the 2012-20 season and is reportedly set to move again.

“Without a doubt, I want to be able to coach Neymar one day,” Bar প্রধানa head coach Setien Benn told Sports.

“Of course. He’s a player who is at an exceptional level, no one can doubt.

“I’ve already fulfilled the dream of being the best coach in the world, which is Leo [Messi]. We have to see for those who can come in, but I will be happy.

Neymar has won three consecutive League 1 titles to go with the Coupe de France, the Coupe de la Ligo and the Trophy des Champions Honors since his transfer to Barজa for PSG.

Neymar scored in 13 leagues before being suspended in Ligue 1 due to a coronavirus epidemic and was eventually declared PSG champion.

The former Bar্সa forward is not the only player to have been associated with the Spanish giants.

Inter forward Lautaro Martinez has been asked to join Bar্সa, while Juventus midfielder Miralem Poznik has been called up to Camp Nou.

“We all know that there are probably four out of five strikers capable of playing this character and he is one of them,” Martinez said when asked.

About Pajnik, Setian added: “I’ve always said that I like great players and he’s a good talent. This is true of many who have joined the club through the press.”