Barcelona great club goals

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Lionel Messi celebrates his December 2019 victory at Atletico Madrid

Lionel Messi, the brilliant Argentine who first found behind the net for Barcelona on May 1, 200, took the epidemic to his goal.

Fifteen years after this first strike, Messi crossed the 60,000-goal mark for the Catalan giants, coincidentally reaching that mark on 1st 2019.

He was sitting at home on May 1 this year, along with other La Liga footballers, who were suspended from March due to a deadly COVID-19 virus infection.

A pick-up for any dark day determined to see Messi in his stylish look and pick his goals for Barcelona and here’s a look at the chronological top ten from the Argentine collection here.

Albacet (H): May 1, 2005

Even at 17, Messi had the confidence of an experienced. Messi’s confidence was far from over as a goal had already been mistakenly blown offside for an offside – a melodic chip from the edge of the box and just a minute later he leaned towards Ronaldinho’s scooped pass before lonning the ball over Albacete goalkeeper Raul Valbuena from 16 yards. . Here are some ways to open your account for one of the greatest clubs in Europe.

Malaga (H): March 22, 2009

Messi’s Thierry Henry’s favorite goal to play together for Bara. Why not let France tell the great story? “It refuted his argument,” Henry said in the documentary ‘Take the Ball, Pass the Ball’. “There’s a diagonal ball here and he controls it on his chest. He runs at full speed, then the first player goes and the second player is right behind. If he takes another step, that player will clear the ball.” After a jolt of the body and a touch of skill – in the blink of an eye – Messi stabbed the top corner to end a 100-mile-long moment in each corner.

Real Zaragoza (A): March 21, 2010

Describing some as a ‘determined goal’ of his career, the strike against Real Zaragoza saw him move from a very good to another class. Messi showed off all the goals he had given him when he started to win the ball from a tackle at halfway. From there, he removed a challenge and ran towards the box and led a defender inside before drilling into a corner, leaving coach Pep Guardiola speechless.

Real Madrid (A): April 27, 2011

At the height of the Clasico rivalry between Guardiola’s Barাa and Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid, the two teams met four times in three separate competitions in less than a month. The league meeting ended in a draw and Madrid won the Copa del Rey final, but Barাa won 2-1 in the semi-final of the Champions League. In the first leg at the Santiago Bernabeu, the least ill of all, Messi went beyond four challenges to beat Iker Casillas 2-0, trailing by about five seconds.

Athletic Bilbao (A): April 27, 2013

Barাa will regain their La Liga title from Real Madrid but reached the San Mames after Bayern Munich were in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Messi got a goal from Thiago Alcantara in the 2-2 draw, leaving behind Michael San Jose, Carlos Gourpegui and Under Herrera before he could unexpectedly step inside the penalty area.

Bayern Munich (H): May 6, 2015

Guardiola returned to Camp Nou with Bayern Munich after suffering an injury. They kept Bar্সa at bay when Messi hit until the 77th minute of the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. This is his second goal that earned him a place on the list, though: Collecting Evan Rakitic’s pass, the simple-looking Shimi left Jerome Boateng behind with his weak leg before chipping Manuel Newer.

Real Madrid (A): April 23, 2017

El Clিকsico rarely disappoints football fans around the world, and this version was no different. Real Madrid will have to win the title if nothing else, and Jordi Alba, Sergei Roberto’s superb run at start-time, has been seen to be in a 2-2 draw until Messi’s squad is given a chance. Region for his 500th Barcelona goal.

Real Betis (A): March 17, 2019

Rarely has a hat-trick been done in fine fashion. Messi’s two goals helped Benito to a 3-1 lead at Villamarine, before running towards Rakitiিকের to send the ball back to goalkeeper Pau Lopez and for the first time into the crossbar from just inside the box. It was a great effort that even made the fans at home stand on their feet, praising – something that Messi himself has admitted he has never experienced before.

Liverpool (H): May 1, 2019

Over the past few years, Messi has mastered the art of free-kick picking, with the ability to knock him out at a young age. Liverpool have long held their own at Camp Nou, but goals from Luis Suarez and Messi have given the hosts a breathing space. Jessrgen Klopp was on the side of J 30rgen Klopp after Fabinho was dropped and the Barাবa amulet moved to the top corner after a 30-yard effort to reach the final.

Atletico Madrid (A): December 1, 2019

It was goalless in the 86th minute of Wanda Metropolitan when Messi collected the ball to the right ten yards out of the Atletico half. These famous legs began to walk on purpose and although Atletico knew what Messi had in mind, they were not strong enough to resist the implementation of his plan. Messi played the ball to Luis Suarez at the edge of the penalty area before cracking a great 20-yard shot in the left corner below Jane Oblock’s goal before taking the return pass. One winner and one of the highest class.