Barcelona hurts Arsenal, Ferguson wins first in many United trophies


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Barcelona celebrated against Arsenal in the final of the 200cel Champions League

May 17th is a great sporting date that Arsenal fans will never forget.

On this day fourteen years ago, the Gunners lost the Champions League final against Barcelona in Paris.

The date also represents the 30th anniversary of a famous day in the history of Manchester United, who won the first trophy of Alex Ferguson’s era as manager.

Here we look back at some of the top moments that happened in the world of sports on May 17th.

2006 – Arsenal return to Barcelona

Arsenal were within 15 minutes of their first Champions League win on this day in the 200s, when they finally suffered a painful defeat to Barcelona at the Stade de France.

Notably, despite goalkeeper Jens Lehmann being sent off just 18 minutes later, a Soul Campbell title put the Gunners ahead, as they dreamed of gaining the glory of their fans even after their fans entered the fans of the 76th minute.

A star stud Bar বারa team, including Samuel Eto’o, Ronaldinho and Deco, could not find a way, but he replaced Herrick Larson.

Man of the Match Ito’s equalized goal and 10 minutes after inspirational Larson time set up an unbeaten scorer for the winner for full back Giuliano Beltiti.

Thierry Henry missed the chance to score two goals for the Gunners and will join Bar্সa a year later, along with Ito and Lionel Messi to help them win the 2009 Champions League.

Arsenal could not reach the final again – they lost in the knockout stages of the Champions League for 11 consecutive seasons, one of their best attempts to reach the 2009 semi-finals.

They have spent the last three seasons in the Europa League, with Barাa building on their 2009 success with more wins in 2011 and 2015 and raising them to five overall.

1990 – The first United Trophy for Ferguson

In a great era of success, Ferguson has led Manchester United to 23 major trophies, including 13 Premier League titles before retiring in 2013.

The early years of his tenure were less glorious, although the club’s first trophy was an important moment in the spectacle of a two-decade-old love of silver.

It was the FA Cup in 1990 where Ferguson won for the first time.

Mark Hughes’ dramatic extra-time equalizer against Crystal Palace in the first match at Webbley led United to a 3-3 victory and the response in those days was instead of a penalty shootout.

The return game five days later, which came on May 1, was no less exciting, but Lee Martin’s goal in the 59th minute was enough for Ferguson’s men to win 1-0.

After the first trophy in four years, a win in the European Cup Winners’ Cup came the following season and United never looked back.

2019 – Kopka makes big history in US PGA

Brooks Koepka has already become one of the most exciting golf majors ahead of his great performance at the US PGA Championships on this day a year ago.

New York’s infamous Bethpage Black has finished three of its big titles and nine within the top ten in five years before taking the course to a whole new level.

Golfing legend Tiger Woods was missing the cut, with Koepka taking a seven-shot lead after the first two rounds.

His 633 and 655 rounds gave him the lowest 36-hole total score in the 159-year history of playing professional big championships.

With the efforts of Ep0 and of4, Koepka slowed down in his next round, but he won two shots over Dustin Johnson twice in the first two days due to an extraordinary score.