Barcelona Messi’s 60,000th goal Ayrton Sena died


Retrieved 01 May 2020, 11:30 IST

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Ayrton Senna was photographed two weeks before his death in April 1994

The death of Ayrton Senna on this day 26 years ago was a momentous moment in the history of the sport.

Great after his life was already lost in a motorsport accident, the Army is remembered as one of the most successful and toughest drivers left behind wheels.

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard returned to the middleweight world champion on May 1, 1957 to become a middle-aged punch.

And just last year, Lionel Messi scored a great goal against Liverpool, which seemed to have dashed Jurgen Klopp’s hopes of reaching the Champions League final.

It was his 60,000th goal for Barcelona, ​​but there was a turning point in the tie.

1994 – Iroton Army Emola dies in an accident

The weekend at the San Marino Grand Prix has already seen the most devastating event in Formula One history, with Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger dying after crashing into a wall during Saturday’s qualifier.

Sadly, another death occurred and the world was stunned when three-time world champion Army lost its life in Sunday’s competition.

The soldier was then 34 years old when his Williams car was traveling at 192mph while traveling in the seventh lap and collided with a concrete barrier.

The Brazilian was taken to hospital but could not be rescued and was pronounced dead in the evening.

Four days later, his funeral was held in the army’s hometown of Sওo Paulo, with three million people taking to the streets to mourn.

1957 – Sugar Ray Robinson throws a perfect punch

Robinson had a lot of ratings as the greatest fighter of all time, and he never lost to anyone in his first 131 professional bouts, losing to Jack Lamota in 1943.

After losing two of his next five fights, Robinson retired in 1952 and began a show business career, but returned to boxing and became the middleweight world champion for the third time in December 1955.

Robinson was at increasing risk after his career, but he reached the fourth middleweight crown in Chicago on May 1, 1957, instead of losing to Jean Fulmer four months ago.

Fulmer knocked out just one fight for his own multi-layered career, and in the fifth round, a brilliant left-hook Nama Robinson scattered his opponent.

It has been widely described as the ‘perfect punch’ and Fuller has made no comeback.

Robinson lost and later won the middleweight title, retiring in November 1965 at the age of 44.

2019 – Messi puts Bar্সa on the brink of his 300th goal

Messi’s 60,000th goal for Barcelona should have cast doubt on Blograna’s place in last year’s Champions League final; All in all, it made their first leg 3-0 against Liverpool.

His racking free-kick flew to the top left corner with a small deflection on the way from Messi to the goal of another century for the Camp Nou Giants.

It was the second goal of the Barcelona game with a mountain to climb to Anfield in the second leg as Barcelona overtook Liverpool.

Of course, Liverpool turned the tie around with a 4-0 win over Barcelona and Mario Messi, leaving them wondering how they could have lost that position.