Barzagli stepped down from his Juventus coaching role


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 00:22 IST

Andrea Barzagli

Andre Barzagli has announced his decision to resign from Juventus’ coaching staff.

The former defender retired last season after helping Juve claim an eighth consecutive Serie A title – all of which he was involved in.

The 200-year-old World Cup winner, presented by Italy3 times, confirmed on Thursday that he had “chosen the way of life” by choosing Maurizio Sari’s backroom team to take on the role in September.

“I have decided to make a living,” the 39-year-old wrote in an Instagram post, capturing Italian football in the Cornovirus epidemic.

“It was a choice made with the heart! That means it wasn’t tough. I felt the need to enjoy it more with my family, who have quietly supported and collaborated with my professional choice all these years.

I decided to choose a lifestyle. It was a heart choice! Did not suffer for it. But I felt the need to live longer with my family who have quietly supported and endorsed my professional choices all these years. Today I have chosen to be a part of a family in spite of another family Juventus with whom I have always been associated and will be forever grateful. But it was right to choose. My thoughts go to those who have always shown me the highest respect and total professional and humane intimacy. The images of President, Coach, Fabio and Pavel that have contributed to my growth and they have continued with me with discretion and friendship. Thanks a lot. Partners, fans, professionals who work every day for Juventus to make it! I summarize all in one big and huge: #phenoallafine power @ Juventus! Always yours, Andre!

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“Juventus, I have chosen to give priority to one family after another, for which I will always be grateful. But it was the right choice for me to do.

“My thoughts go out to those who have shown me the utmost respect and full support, both professionally and personally.

“I want to thank you so much. The teammates, the fans, the professionals who work every day for Juventus to make it happen! I can summarize these in one big phrase: phenoalafine [until the end] Come to Juventus! Always yours, Andre! “

The Serie A is expected to return next month, with Juve sitting at the top of the table one point ahead of Lazio.