Bayern drove the Newer sesame under the ground after the captain’s complaint


Retrieved 26 April 2020, 17:34 IST

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Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer

Bayern Munich are confident they are afraid of Til, whose leak has threatened to negotiate a Scorpion Crank deal with captain Manuel Neuer.

Although store goalkeeper Neuer’s description is not always accurate, he reached out to the German media and expressed his frustration at the news of the talks.

Germany International has been vocal in its demands for a five-year deal, but it has been seen that the right aspects of private negotiations have reached the public.

In an interview with Neuer last weekend, Neuer said his long-standing “admiration” feelings at Bayern were being influenced by details published in the media.

Captain Neuer’s club have taken steps to avoid the possibility of further leaks from Bayern out of fear of losing his confidence.

“We’ve made it clear internally,” said sports director Hassan Salihimidzik. “And since nothing has been known since then, I’ve assumed the sesame has moved on.”

Speaking to Welt am Sonntag, Salihimidzic emphasized the 34-year-old Neuer’s commitment to the club outside of his current contract, which ends after the 2020-21 season.

“Manuel knows we really appreciate him,” Salihmidzik said. “I played with Oliver Kahn. I know how good the World Cup goalkeeper team is.

“Manuel is a world-class goalkeeper. He is invaluable to our club. I hope we can extend his contract with Manuel.”

Despite the imminent arrival of Alexander Nobel from Bayern head coach Hansi Flick Schaleke, Neuer has promised to be his first choice next season.