Becky Lynch commented after the announcement of her WWW future RAW


Retrieved 12 May 2020, 06:16 IST

Becky Lynch relinquished her RAW Women’s title after Bank in Money

Becky Lynch Come back WWE’s For the first time since WrestleMania Television, WrestleMania 336, after Massie in the Bank, she made a big announcement, where she revealed that she was pregnant and that she would have to leave the ring.

For the first time since the announcement on The Raw, the man reacted by commenting on his WWE future:

Lynch thanked fans and said he didn’t know what his future would hold in Square Circle.

Becky Lynch’s announcement

After Man in the Bank, she relinquished the title of RAW’s ‘Women’s’ and revealed that the new champion would be the winner of the women’s money in the Bank’s ladder match. Asuka Lynch, who won the ladder match at Moni In Bank last night, was incredibly happy after making the announcement. She was also very pleased with her former rival when Lynch announced that she was pregnant and that she was going to have children.

Lynch had won the RAW women’s title for more than a year since she won WrestleMania 3 at, when she, along with Ronta Rousey and Charlotte Flair, titled WrestleMania, became the first women.