Becky Lynch recently revealed the incredible thing Vince McMahon did backstage recently


Changed 02 May 2020, 05:51 IST

Becky Lynch and Vince McMahon“/>
Becky Lynch and Vince McMahon

Current ‘R’ Women’s champion Becky Lynch She hasn’t seen much on WWE television since the WrestleMania 3 match against Shayna Baszler. Although the launch has been actively promoting his presence on the TV series Billions, as he has appeared in a cameo in the 5th season of the series.

Time to talk TV Insider To promote the series, Becky Lynch was asked by WWW who would be appearing on the show. The current champion has revealed that WWW chairman, Vince McMahon will be suitable for the show, and revealed how his “fancy character” could perform the series better.

He said Vince McMahon recently fell from a tower to show the superstar how to do it:

“I think Vince will do quite well in this show, the fancy character he has done You look at you [Axe], And he is ruthless. Vince is a character bigger than life. At the same time, I saw him the other day show the 74-year-old standing up again, brushing his shoulders without shaking his head from a tower.

Vince McMahon is known for his bizarre behavior and how he is going to get his speech at any length.

Becky Lynch after WrestleMania 36

Becky Lynch has not wrestled since defending her title at WrestleMania 3, where she defeated Bazler to retain her title. This man has been holding this belt for almost 400 days and it looks like he will continue to reign in the title considering he is not in a fight at the moment.

No bookings for The Man in the Bank PPV, which will be held on May 10, 2020, and we probably got to see him after this show. Becky Lynch, in the same TV Insider interview, talked about how she wants to do cinematic matches in the future and is picking up different things on the WWE creative team.