Bell expresses American dreams and laughs at Modric golf


Retrieved 01 May 2020, 22:34 IST

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There is a golf in golf class between Gareth Bale and Luca Modric

Gareth Bale has announced that he would love to play in the MLS – and has revealed that Luka Modric is a loss golfer.

The Real Madrid winger has two years left to run his Santiago Bernabeu deal and the 30-year-old has indicated he will look into the deal.

Bell’s position among the best paid players in the world and his current salary, which could be more than ১৫ 15 million a year, will be beyond the reach of MLS teams.

But there may come a time when Bell may be persuaded to move from Europe to the United States, and the golf courses he chooses across the Atlantic could be a selling point.

Speaking on the Hot-Trick podcast, Bell said of MLS: “I really like the league, it has grown a lot over the years.

“When we come into the pre-season and play now, the games are tough. The standards are improving, the clubs are improving, the facilities are improving, the stadiums are improving.

“It’s a league that’s still going on and still rising. A lot more players want to come and play in America now and I’m definitely interested in that.

“I like going to Los Angeles on vacation.”

Asked what he enjoyed in Los Angeles by US-based podcast, Bell said: “I play a lot of golf.

“I play Pebble [Beach] A few times. I play Cypress Point which is a private members club which is next to Pebble Beach – this is the best course I have played so far. “

Bell was sharply criticized in Spain after celebrating Wales ‘European Championship qualification with a flag carrying Wales’ most famous slogan. Golf. Madrid. That’s why. ‘

He insisted it was “a little banner … a little fun”, but Bell’s love for golf was not something he hid from.

And when Madrid teammate Madrid proved ruthless with the golf club, Bell had to laugh at the 2018 Ballon d’Or winner.

Asked to identify his worst golfing teammate, Bell said: “Luka Modric, percent.

“We were in a hotel and had nothing to do, and they had a golf course and driving range there, so I said [to Modric], ‘Are you coming down the driving range to run the ball?’

“He’s got a club in his hands and he doesn’t know how to hold on to it

“I count he hit almost one ball in 20 attempts and he has just given up.

“The next day he came down and said, ‘My back is in extreme pain.’