‘Bengalis have reason to rise to number one’


Changed 19 Apr 2020, 23:16 IST

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has revealed that he got a call from Joe Burrow before the NFL draft and took the opportunity to warn Kolkata how he could expect to be a fraud.

The two-time Super Bowl champion, Manning, reached the Cincinnati Bengals best-selected bureau before Thursday’s draft.

Manning suggested that the old man, who is coming to LSU with a ত। কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ। কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ কলেজ college season that ended in a national championship, do not expect immediate success at the high level.

His first experience with the Indianapolis Colts laid the foundation of a Hall of Fame NFL career in 1998, and he experienced the urge to keep the young signal caller in the long run.

“Yeah, Joe called me last week,” Manning told ESPN. “We’ve had a few relationships since he came to our football camp last summer.

“I try to keep in touch with all of the quarterbacks that came down to camp if I could be a resource for them, especially when they were approaching their NFL dream that was an exciting year.

“When he was a cheater to me, I tried to do something that he could possibly apply to his NFL career – it looks like it will be with the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I said, ‘Joe, when you pick first in the NFL Draft, you’re going to be a team that really earned the first pick in the NFL Draft.’ There will be some holes and that’s because the Colts are picking number one that year, the Bengals are one this year. There is a reason for picking the number.

“So other people have to step up, give him some support. But I tried to tell him that this is not a sprint, but a marathon.”

Manning joked that the 23-year-old Bureau would be happy to break many of his NFL records when he saw him – a sign of most obstacles as an impersonator.

“Look, I’ve lost more games in my rookie year than I’ve been in my entire high school and college career together,” Manning says.

“I threw 20 interceptions – it’s still an NFL record. If Joe wants to break it I’ll be fine with that – we’ll still be friends!

“But I tried to learn a lot that year. I play every game. Jim Mora never took me out, I learned a few things in the fourth quarter about what happened as an NFL quarterback.

“Next year we’re going from 1-5 to 4-6. If I didn’t hang in there and learn like a rope, we were a little bit pushed and even hurt.

“So I tried to encourage Joe and all the NFL quarterbacks that your rookie year wouldn’t be the same as your senior year of college.

“But if you know how fast this defensive back is, how soon you have to get rid of the ball, the defense needs to understand, you can be a better player and then go two years later.”