Better to start from Inter than to be on the Barcelona bench – Capello warns Martinez


Retrieved 22 May 2020, 05:46 IST

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Inter forward Lautaro Martinez

Fabio Capello praised inter-star Luther Martinez, but warned ahead that it was better to start at Serie A than stay on the Barcelona bench.

Martinez has scored 1 goal in 31 games for Inter this season, in conjunction with the La Liga giants’ move.

Although Capello was impressed with Argentina’s international presence, the former Real Madrid and Juventus head coach said that Mercantেs would face the challenge of breaking Barcelona’s starting line-up.

“Lotto Martinez is a very good player,” he told El Largero.

“He has everything – lots of quality, very fast and very good when he shoots.

“It’s hard to go to Barcelona and start with Luis Suarez

“I think it’s better to be an inter starter than the Barcelona option.”

Martinez has scored 25 goals in 66 games for Inter since joining the club from racing club in 2018.