Bobby Lashley addresses the real-life heat between Mark Henry and Leo Russ


Retrieved 20 May 2020, 18:07 IST

Bobby Lashley and MVP“/>
Bobby Lashley and MVP

Bobby Lashley Mark Henry and Leo Rush called on social media to resolve their differences after their recent exchange of views.

The online controversy began last week when Rush said the Hall of Fame had publicly stopped respecting Henry for publicly making false allegations against him during a WWE backstage conversation.

Since then, these two people have transacted several messages on Twitter, while He even threatened to sue Henry Rush If the recently released superstar doesn’t forgive him.

Bobby Lashley comments about Mark Henry-Leo Rush Spot

I’m talking talkSPORT, Bobby Lashley admits he doesn’t know the full details behind the legal issues between Mark Henry and Leo Russ, but he’s optimistic the two men aren’t trying to bring each other down.

He added that Henry “has a legacy that will live on forever” when he described Rush as an “incredible genius”.

“So I hope these two understand that there’s a guy here [raises hand high] And a guy growing up and hoping they can help each other, or maybe do something together? I think there’s no way, size or form that I think they’ll bring each other down. “

Leo Rush discusses the future of his wrestling

Leo Rush spoke recently Sportscaster Gary Cassidy About his future in the wrestling business after his release from the WWE.

The 25-year-old also addressed speculation about having backstage heat in his time at the company, when he gave his honest opinion about working with Bobby Lashley.

Watch the full interview in the video above.