Bonnega’s arrival, thoughts of privatization and how the coronavirus will affect the Saudi Professional League

The coronavirus’ effect has been felt around the world – and Saudi Arabia is no different.

The Kingdom has been registered 4,669 confirmed cases and 737 deaths Since their first example was registered on March 2 Saudi Professional League Within a week the game was played behind closed doors and on March 14 a complete suspension of sports activity was announced.

Where is arguably the strongest domestic competition in Asia now? A lasting effect of this epidemic should be emphasized.

Bonega headache

Ever Bonega provides an illustrative story for the complex challenges ahead.

Al Shabaab created a worldwide shockwave in January when they announced the summer arrival of the Argentina midfielder in a free transfer as his contract expires in Sevilla.

But when will the 4-year-old come to the capital costume? The widespread, unexpected, and incomplete changes to competition schedules around the world make it impossible to test.

FIFA approved the plan last week Extends player agreement and allows transfer windows to hold as the carnivorous completes.

It is supposed to have a relationship with Sevilla Expires June 30th. But what will happen to La Liga then and how will it fit the Saudi Professional League deadline?

“Of all the different scenarios we have been eyeing with UEFA to return to the competition, the most likely is May 28, June 6 or June 28,” Last week, La Liga president Xavier Tabas revealed.

“We cannot say the exact date. It will be given to us by the Spanish authorities.

“But we still have time to go back to training before that.”

Real Sociedad plans to return to training on Sunday night to become the first La Liga side. They faced far-reaching reactions in a nation that killed 18,255 people infected with the coronary virus.

Abdul Aziz Al Hamidi, the executive director of SPL, meanwhile, could not provide any temporary time when the quiz was done this week. He announced the process Continually open reviews And this requires follow-up with competent health authorities in the Kingdom.

At this stage, it is futile to speculate on whether or not Buniga will be available for the pre-season training of Shabbat, although the dates for the 2020/20 start date will be combined in Spain and Saudi Arabia alone

Flexibility about player registration is essential.

Where are the clubs for now?

Saudi Arabia boasts a home game that is the epitome of many countries in Asia and beyond.

World-class stars like Baftimbi Gomis compete for a monster like the 2019 AFC Champions League holder Al Hilal, who follows seven-digit social media enjoy last month’s lockout and more than one million supporters previously entered the ground for 2019/20. KSA Sports Free beamed competitions across the country.

This last aspect demonstrates what national enthusiasm is. Middle Eastern football is not like most other parts of the world, mainly in the state-funded private sector.

How does coronavirus affect it?

The transformational $ 340 million injection of May 2018, facilitated by Prince Sports Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud by the General Sports Authority, helped clear a lot of debts and names of ground stars.

In July 2019, another SAR 1.64 billion was earmarked As part of the “Support Club Strategy”.

“Total support for the clubs has reached SR2.5bn, which could open up possibilities for clubs and athletes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” GSA chairman Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Saud announced last summer.

Top flight clubs received SAR 80m this week, According to Arriyadiyah Newspapers.

But in the event of a coronavirus crisis and a drop in oil prices, On March 8, $ 13 billion was deducted from the state budget. A few more weeks and months may follow.

Football is less likely to get a discount.

Cutting temporary wages, The clubs agreed to 50 percent this week until training resumed, Strengthen weak accounts. Arriyadiyah Estimated savings of SAR28m per month across the ‘big four’ Hilal, Al Nasr, Al Ittehad and Al Ahli Jeddah Rah.

Privatization can provide long-term healing for selected parties.

It was a target two years ago that the potential delays for this first quarter, however, were revealed before the 2020 start date. Reuters In January 2019, the head of the then Saudi Football Federation, Kusai Al Fawaz.

He said: “Privatization is a long-term plan. I do not have the right time for this.

“Don’t know if the plan is ready until it’s 2020 or 2022”

Will the coronavirus accelerate the process, or will the private sector soften the economic outlook further as rail? The International Monetary Fund revised its forecast for Saudi Arabia’s expected real GDP (gross domestic product), In 2012, 2.5 percent contracts were signed And it increased by 2.5 percent in 2021.

16 SPL sides can expect to experience a crisis.

Foreign questions

An unwanted break, however, provides an opportunity to reflect.

Is in the last month It has been confirmed that seven players will maintain a foreign quota until 2022At least, fit into a narrow reality?

There has been talk of a possible return to the squad encouraged by each squad for much of the previous decade. This will help reduce costs on fees and wages.

It is now seen with certainty that the status quo will still remain the Canceling the contract or frustrating transfer will ignore the potential benefits of the up-front costs of trying to obtain sales.

Undoubtedly many expatriate foreigners have also raised standards and international exposure.

The decision, however, should not prevent each Saudi club from reviewing how the transfer market operates.

The Rumors have an annual wage cost of 7.8 million For the Hilal hero Baftembi Gomis, who was involved in the m6 million transfer phase of August 2018 to collect him from Galatasaray, the shocking effect has been seen on and off the pitch.

Even more praiseworthy for boarding is Nasser, who, after all, is free from injury-prone Moroccan striker Abderrazak Hamdallah for a free transfer from Qatar to Al Ryan. He will become the global top scorer for 2019 with 57 goals and will take an outside role in the success of the SPL title of 2018/19.

Yet the record .5 16.5 million was sent by them on the way to Leicester City for Ahmed Musa. The Nigeria Forward has proven to be a waste of money.

Other serious examples of waste include the 2018 Tiger Heavyweight Etihad ending 33 inconsistencies since the summer of 2018, and having struggled to win both seasons.

Chief among these numbers is underarming – and intelligent – striker Alexander Prizovic, who Serbia is in danger of losing $ 18 million in wages if its contract is terminated after three months of incarceration in Serbia for breaching the curfew. The 29-year-old ran the term once in 10 SPLs.

Sharp attire like Al Wehda should be the model for all clubs; Small, medium or large

The perseverance of the Makkah side has brought them success stories. Australia winger Craig Goodwin has cost Adelaide United 50 450,000 and scored five assists and four SPL goals; 3.2 million protected French striker Yousufu Niyaket, who has done it 12 times; And was purchased at a free transfer from Spanish center-back Alberto Botia Al Hilal.

These purchases have moved them from last season’s seventh-place finish to third.

Discretion and sharpness are the buzzwords on the front transfer windows. So, also, there should be youth.

Release the kids

“The [Saudi Arabian Football] The Federation has put together a good plan for this generation. We believe that this generation will provide more players, more so in Qatar in 2022 and in 2026.

“I think they need to play more because nobody knows about these players.”

This was head coach Saad Al Shehi’s talk after the Saudi U-2 side team finished runners-up in the January 2021 AFC U-2 Champion Championship to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

His measured response was not without merit. The first-team encounter was short-term for his accusations.

The final opponent was South Korea The top-flight run-outs are 3.7 times higher than the 279 in Saudi Arabia’s 279 squad.

Similar imbalances were with semifinal contenders Uzbekistan (987), even more than twice the total of Australia (658).

The positive signs of club breakthroughs, however, have come up. Pausing the game provides an opportunity to reflect on the value of this drive, and the measures to expand the scope.

Center-back Abdulbasit Hindi is now a regular start for Al Ahli Jeddah, while Khalid Al Ghanam, a substitute forward for NASCAR after Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s winter altercation with Al Qadsiyah. Midfielder Mukhtar Ali was the champion for the SPL match after returning from Thailand’s tournament, a figure similar to Ali Fateh’s Ali Al Hasan.

Left-back Khalid Al-Dubayesh is also taking a few minutes to propagate al-Alalah.

This is a trend that needs to continue while continuing.

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