Brescia President Cellino confirmed the positive test


Modified April 19, 2020, 03:46 IST

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Brescia owner Massimo Cellino

Brescia’s president Massimo Cellino confirmed he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Italy was particularly badly affected by the Covid-3p epidemic, with about 66,6 positive tests and 20,227 deaths, the second highest in the United States.

The Lombardy region, where Brescia was located, was the epicenter of the outbreak of Italy and quickly forced a lockdown, but the virus continued to collapse.

Tests have been conducted in Lombardy for the past few weeks, and results have shown that many people were infected with the virus without showing symptoms.

A media report on Saturday said that Salino was one of the posters for the positive test and that he later confirmed the matter.

“After two weeks of quarantine in Kagalari, I went to the hospital to check [if I had the virus], “He was quoted as saying La Repubblica.

“It turned out that my daughter had the virus, but I didn’t have a son and instead I had it. I experienced extra fatigue and severe pain in my bones.”

Italian football is indefinitely pending, although the government was banned from returning before May 5, as the possible date for the team’s training was suggested.